Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Interesting Things About Me............

1. I LOVE Thunderstorms! I don't know why exactly, but I love the color of the sky. I like the pouring of the rain and the dark, puffy clouds!

2. When I was a kid, I used to eat the white tips of matches. Yep, I used to eat those suckers like crazy. Thank God for Jesus, cause I could've busted with all the flammable stuff in me.

3. Again when I was a kid, I once swallowed a whole peppermint ball! Man, I cringe just typing about it.

4. Despite being 24, I get told often that I act like an older woman. My mother and sister says it all the time.

5. I cry watching the lion king. I admit it, I cried.

6. I am addicted to soda. I love it soo much. I gotta stop though, and drink more water.

7. Sometimes I have an urge for french fries, raisin bran, & peanut butter and jelly..all for lunch in one day. No, not preggers..just weird..LOL

8. My favorite movie of all time if Lord Of The Rings; I'm a christian and can separate fiction from the truth!

9. I can only take a nice, hot, candle lit bubble bath alone for 5 min and 39 seconds exactly...before daughter and hubby start knocking, asking when am I gonna come out. Since I lock the door, they just camp out right outside of it, asking me questions, etc...LOL..(lets me know I'm

10. I've always wanted to play in the rain. Just go out, jump in mud and water puddles and let loose. I guess I can only hope...LOL

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My Life as a MOM... said...

I agree with you on #10! That is exactly what I have wanted to do for years...people used to tell me I was crazy for wanting to do it. I think it would be so much FUN. Guess I can only hope too. :-)