Sunday, December 25, 2011



MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Weekend

I cannot believe Christmas 2011 is upon us.

I can remember Christmas of 2010 like it was yesterday.

It seems as if time is fastly passing by and the days, months, and years are going super fast. an effort to make that time slow down the best way I could, i am going to focus this Christmas weekend on God, family and just taking all the Christmas spirit in.

Here's what's on the schedule:

-Go to the Marriott for Breakfast in DH family on Christmas Eve

-Bake some gingerbread cookies with my daughter

-Visit my parents and exchange gifts (we wont see each other Christmas Day)on Friday

-Spend Christmas Eve afternoon/evening relaxing, eating cheese-steaks (its a Philly thing) and watching 2 Christmas movies, play a game as a family and read the Nativity account.

-Christmas Day, its arising at 6am to open gifts and cook a nice breakfast; then dress and off to church.

-Exchange Pollyanna with DH family then head to DH grandmother's house for Christmas dinner and more gift exchanging.

-Monday (well, for me mostly), AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES!!!!!!!!!!!! I make my list and stock up on gift bags, bows, bows, tags, cards, decor and everything for Christmas next year.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Merry Christmas and a relaxed, stress-free weekend!

P.S. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my Christmas card swap buddy, Lin, for the awesome card and the unexpected gift card. It was a lovely surprise! Thanks a bunch!

And Thanks to Michelle who sent me an envelope FULL of coupons! I was so excited, you might have though you sent me a Porsche, LOL. Thanks a ton!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OT: Sometimes The Government Irks Me....

I mean really irks me.

I dont see how these "adults" who are supposed to be experts at what they do can't reach a decision regarding the payroll tax.

Its like these people dont have a brain!

Its such a shame that more people care about themselves than someone else.

That's exactly why American is going to hell in a hand basket.

Both parties, in my opinion, are controlled by the all mighty dollar.

The more money and influence you have the more you can manipulate the powers that be......and its such a shame.

I also found out that if the payroll tax isn't extended, my DH loses $152 a month from his paycheck!

It sucks BIG time....we need God more than ever now as man is greedy, selfish and self-centered.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the Mend, Escrow Increase, Amex Update and More

I'm finally on the mend. Yesterday I visited my parents and was almost sick as a dog. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose and more.

Early this morning I was coughing like crazy until I took some Robitussin DM.

The BEST cough meds for me has always been Night Quill....and thats probably because it would put me to sleep and allow my body to heal and fight off infections faster.

But with 2 kids and currently nursing 1 of those kids, Night Quil wasnt the best option anymore.

This is the 3rd cold I have had in the past few months......maybe next year I'll consider the flu-shot for all of us.

In other news......our escrow (or mortgage) is going up.

We make 1 payment to Wells Fargo and everything comes out of that and gets sent to each respective party.

So that means our current payment of $1,188 is going to be $1,202 because our county has approved a tax increase. Our mortgage is the name, but insurance, taxes and other bologna varies.

Keep In Mind our property values are going down dramatically, no matter what upgrades we do (we are currently remodeling the kitchen).

Sucks, BIG Time.....

Oh, and Wells Fargo said our escrow balance was $245 short from a minimum balance they* are comfy with, so we have to send in $245 before Jan. 1st or that will divided into 12 and added into the new payment of $1,202 above!

Never mind the fact that they decide all of this at the beginning of the year and only now, in December, do they realize a shortage.

Needless to say, that check was put in the mail last week......

...............and I had the nerve to say I couldn't wait until I was grown. Someone should've slapped me.............HARD.........ACROSS THE FACE!

As for the Amex Update, the last statement was $1,108-needless to say I slipped AGAIN!

I have refocused and will not let that balance go over $450 for the current statement.

We shall see................ :-)

Other tidbits:

I finally mailed out my Christmas cards and wrapped 99% of the gifts.

I keep leaving the heat on 70 degrees at accident; I am so gonna hate that bill when it comes.

Today is my DH last day before Christmas Vacation.

I need to read the bible more, because it keeps my mind at peace.

I dont understand why organizing my coupons take hours and hours.......

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Knew It, I knew It, I knew It.......

I'm sick or (have a cold as my DH would say).

Throat aches, tummy all over the place, palpitations, sneezing, etc.......

And I am hoping and praying I don't get a sinus infection this time around.

My daughter keep getting these aliments from school.....and this is only her first year!

She gave the cold to my Dh and son and now I have it!

Can't stay in the bed all day and rest because that would be in-human (lol) mom's can't have that opportunity....

Maybe next year I can prepare better for the cold and flu season......any suggestions?

Hoping to get over this before Christmas; I was sick once on Christmas and it sucked BIG TIME!

Friday, December 16, 2011

$15.60 Target Glade Moneymaker!

There were no issues at the register; no beeps, manuel entering...nothing!
1 glade spray-$2.50
9 glade jar candles-$22.50
1 glade oil candle-$2.50
4 glade oil candle refills-$10.00
1 puffs tissue - $1.00

total = 38.50

Coupons used:
-$0.55 glade spray
-$0.55 glade item
-(3) $1.50 Target on 3 glade products
-(2)$1.00/2 Glade products
-(3)$1.50/2 Glade products
-$2.00/2 Glade products

Total after coupons = $24.40
Also had 2 $5.00 Target Gift Card coupons wyb 5 glade products

Minus $15 in Target gift cards (had from a previous deal)
grand total = $9.39!!!

Received $25.00 Target GCs (5 $5 target cards)
(2 from target coupons, 3 from buying 15 glade items)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mission Impossible 1.5: The Toddler Edition

I’m sure you have heard of the action movie, Mission Impossible.

Many of us have seen the movie itself, heard of the dangerous stunts, or of the famous star of the film: Tom Cruise.

Climbing tall sky scrapers, leaping off huge buildings, handling dangerous equipment and being stealth and quick are all traits of Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt; which is my son’s name, by the way.

Now imagine a small child, of about 15 months in age, a BOY who takes after his father’s “tough as nails” DNA and you have one special toddler (and one nervous momma).

I have my own, personal little “Ethan Hunt”.

My baby doesn’t like to play it safe. Nope, that would be to easy for him.

And (un)luckily, I have been informed by numerous people that most boys are this way.

We all know it is every parent’s nightmare to even think of harm happening to their child, but when said child likes partaking in danger, one can only hope for peace and tranquility for the adult (yeah right).

My son likes to climb steps. Lots of steps. The more steps the better. And it doesn’t help that my daughter likes to crawl down head first, slide down like she’s at the park or jump down 3 or 4 steps at a time.

I’ve said “NO” to my son, constantly remove him from the steps and finally bought a First Years baby gate; which worked. It locked him away and no amount of kicking or pushing will move that gate!

So what does he embark on next; PLUGS! Oh Boy! PLUGS!

Televisions, lamps, night lights and laptops have all been violently stanched out of walls by my toddler who doesn’t seem to mind the risk of being electrocuted.

Of course, there’s a solution. No worries for mommy.

Nowadays, almost anything in a home can be baby proof, even for little daredevils. The Safety 1st Outlet Cover worked wonders for keeping little fingers away from outlets; although with Christmas light up, it’s a little harder.

So, that takes care of that problem, but my little ‘Ethan Hunt’ moves onto something else: the toilet.


Toilets, Water and Toddlers are never a good mix. Ever!

Toilet seat slamming, water splashing followed by hand scrubbing doesn’t make for the most quality time between a mother and her child.

With my busy schedule, closing the bathroom door is often left in my distant memory until I hear the sounds of banging, slamming and seeing a wet baby come out of the bathroom (sometimes, you can’t take your eyes away for 10 secs) that I figured something needed to be done.

My husband went out to the store and bought a Safety 1ST Toilet Lock; which is great until my 5 year old waits until the last minute to use the bathroom and has a hard time getting the lock off the toilet.

Whew…… that takes care of steps, plugs and toilets. What’s next you say…..

How about trying to climb the entertainment center!

Yeah, I know what you all are saying…This is just the beginning; what until he gets older.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Huggies Is Awesome!

I love Huggies!!

Really, I do!

It's like my alliance to Tide, Bounty and Glade....when I find a great product, I stick to it!

When it comes to diapers for my son; well both of my kids, Huggies is my choice.

Both of my kids are/were huge poopers! I mean "mess-up entire onesies", "poop up back" type kids. So much so, I've had to toss a few Gerber and Carter onesies away (BTW-both brands are awesome).

And its not just the diapers, I LOVE the Thick and Clean wipes! They are not thin and dry like Pampers, Luvs or other store brands out there. Just need 2 or 3 for the big explosions and I'm done!

Lately though, I haven't been so pleased with Huggies. I decided to try the new Slip-On diapers that they have out and have not been a happy camper.

When the diaper constantly falls off my son, poop staining his clothes, diapers in smaller sizes and non holding straps; it was time to write Huggies and inform them of my discontentment.

I wrote an e-mail explaining the dissatisfaction I had with the slip-on diapers:


I dont have a question but a comment. I bought 4 packs of Huggies Jumbo Slip-On Diapers; size 4, for my son and have had BAD experiences with these diapers. These diapers cannot hold poop and as a result the diaper fell off of his bottom and the poop ruined his onesie. I cannot buy these slip-on's again and will just stick to your snug and dry, little movers and/or original diapers. I also used your thick and clean wipes and it literally took 7-8 wipes just to clean all the poop up from his back, bottom, legs and onesie. I just had to take time out and write you to inform you of this. I love huggies, both diapers and wipes; just not the slip-ons. Thanks!


Two days later I got an email from them apologizing for my mishap. They told me that they were sending out some coupons..

Two days after that, I received them in the mail...

2 coupons for free diapers and 2 $1.00 off coupons!!

This makes me love HUGGIES even more.

This shows that they care about how their customers view their products and that our opinion counts!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back in the Flow: Saving Money & It Feels GREAT!!

Huggies 64ct wipes - $2.39
Women's sleepwear - $5.38 (clearance)
3pk Orbit gum - $2.00
4 bananas - $.96
2 TGIFridays meals - $3.98
15ft cord - $2.49
Olay bar soap-6pk - $5.59
Olay Travel Bar (not trial) - $.97
2 Pantene Hair Products - $7.98
Reynolds Foil - $2.99
UP Maxi Pads 32ct - $3.99
Johnson's 1ST Aid kit - $.97
5 Glade Items - $12.50

$10 Gift card w/$50 purchase
$.50 off huggies wipes
$4.00 off Olay coupon when buy Silky Bar & another Olay product
$3.00 Women's sleepwear-Target Coupon
$1.00 off Johnson/Johnson product
$1.25 off Reynolds foil - internet coupon
$3.00 off any 2 Pantene products
2-$1.00 off any 1 TGI Fridays single meals
$1.25 off 2 glade items
$1.25 off 2 glade items
$.55 off glade item

Balance after coupons: $34.63 w/tax

Used $25 Target Gift cards I received from target's gift card promotion 1 week ago and body wash deal....

total = $9.63
Received $10 Gift Card from coupon & $5 from Glade deal

4 packs of Huggies, 2 toddler flosses and a bag of Veggies Straws= $4.06!!!!

diapers $5 each; I had 2 $2.00 off coupons & 2 $1.50 off coupons; i believe the floss was $2.10? (i dont have the receipt in front of me) and the veggies straws were $2.99. I had a $15 babies/toys R US gift card from buying my DH the assassins creed game a few weeks back. I was saving it for a great sale such as this.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Doing Great and back for good.......

I so cannot wait for this year to be done and over!!

This year has been one of the hardest in my life........

The area where my wisdom tooth was removed starte dto bleed and hurt again.

I didnt allow it to fully heal, so I cleaned it and stopped chewing on that side for a while and everything is fine again.

I have missed you all and back.

The Christmas lights are up outside and but haven't turned them on yet?? Crazy right? Its been 3 days........

I have most of my Christmas cards ready to give out and mail.

Presents are almost wrapped; it takes me days to wrap presents.......ugh

Will have a formal post later; gotta go pick up my daughter from school...

Good News; Heating bill for this month: $63.86!!!!!!!!