Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mission Impossible 1.5: The Toddler Edition

I’m sure you have heard of the action movie, Mission Impossible.

Many of us have seen the movie itself, heard of the dangerous stunts, or of the famous star of the film: Tom Cruise.

Climbing tall sky scrapers, leaping off huge buildings, handling dangerous equipment and being stealth and quick are all traits of Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt; which is my son’s name, by the way.

Now imagine a small child, of about 15 months in age, a BOY who takes after his father’s “tough as nails” DNA and you have one special toddler (and one nervous momma).

I have my own, personal little “Ethan Hunt”.

My baby doesn’t like to play it safe. Nope, that would be to easy for him.

And (un)luckily, I have been informed by numerous people that most boys are this way.

We all know it is every parent’s nightmare to even think of harm happening to their child, but when said child likes partaking in danger, one can only hope for peace and tranquility for the adult (yeah right).

My son likes to climb steps. Lots of steps. The more steps the better. And it doesn’t help that my daughter likes to crawl down head first, slide down like she’s at the park or jump down 3 or 4 steps at a time.

I’ve said “NO” to my son, constantly remove him from the steps and finally bought a First Years baby gate; which worked. It locked him away and no amount of kicking or pushing will move that gate!

So what does he embark on next; PLUGS! Oh Boy! PLUGS!

Televisions, lamps, night lights and laptops have all been violently stanched out of walls by my toddler who doesn’t seem to mind the risk of being electrocuted.

Of course, there’s a solution. No worries for mommy.

Nowadays, almost anything in a home can be baby proof, even for little daredevils. The Safety 1st Outlet Cover worked wonders for keeping little fingers away from outlets; although with Christmas light up, it’s a little harder.

So, that takes care of that problem, but my little ‘Ethan Hunt’ moves onto something else: the toilet.


Toilets, Water and Toddlers are never a good mix. Ever!

Toilet seat slamming, water splashing followed by hand scrubbing doesn’t make for the most quality time between a mother and her child.

With my busy schedule, closing the bathroom door is often left in my distant memory until I hear the sounds of banging, slamming and seeing a wet baby come out of the bathroom (sometimes, you can’t take your eyes away for 10 secs) that I figured something needed to be done.

My husband went out to the store and bought a Safety 1ST Toilet Lock; which is great until my 5 year old waits until the last minute to use the bathroom and has a hard time getting the lock off the toilet.

Whew…… that takes care of steps, plugs and toilets. What’s next you say…..

How about trying to climb the entertainment center!

Yeah, I know what you all are saying…This is just the beginning; what until he gets older.


Michelle P said...

Hey could you email me at so that I can get your address for the coupons?

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the stove and fridge also!

Jenny said...

Oh man! He's sure on a roll for only 15 months!

~Carla~ said...

Oh boy...boys are fun aren't they?! ;) My son was the same way, but is now 17 & 6'0 so doesn't have to climb... lol!