Monday, December 5, 2011

Doing Great and back for good.......

I so cannot wait for this year to be done and over!!

This year has been one of the hardest in my life........

The area where my wisdom tooth was removed starte dto bleed and hurt again.

I didnt allow it to fully heal, so I cleaned it and stopped chewing on that side for a while and everything is fine again.

I have missed you all and back.

The Christmas lights are up outside and but haven't turned them on yet?? Crazy right? Its been 3 days........

I have most of my Christmas cards ready to give out and mail.

Presents are almost wrapped; it takes me days to wrap presents.......ugh

Will have a formal post later; gotta go pick up my daughter from school...

Good News; Heating bill for this month: $63.86!!!!!!!!

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slugmama said...

Take care of that tooth pulling sight. Sounds like you got a dry socket....ouch!
I am so behind on Christmas preparations too. I say don't sweat it....feel better!

Great heating bill too. Wish I could have one that low and it NOT be July or