Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seriously, Some People Can't Be That.......


Someone recently said that the " cure-all" to most Americans being broke is for them to make more money!!!!! This person can't be serious. Making more money will not cure being broke if bad choices aren't changed into good ones. That's the problem nowadays; society pushing people to work, work, work...to make the all mighty dollar; and for what? To still be broke at the end of the day. Habits have to change; thoughts and ideas too!

The key is very simple to keeping more money in your pocket: try to keep your bills low and learn to love to live within your means! Easy and Simple, right?! For many people, it isn't.
Let me give you an example. When my husband and I started looking for a home to buy, we had a limit on what we wanted to pay each month in one big payment, including mortgage, insurance, and taxes.

We didn't bother looking at houses that would clearly bust our payment limit because we would just be fooling ourselves and our wallets. Now, sure we could've afforded a bigger house, but why? Our bills would be bigger, it would be more for me to clean, and more furniture we have to buy to decorate with! Besides, we wanted to live comfortably on what my husband was making at that time, since I am a SAHM; so if he got a raise or promotion (which he did), that would be extra money for us to keep in our pockets or give to other people in our family.

Society have warped most people minds into thinking more money means your less broke. Nope, it doesn't. If some people rather get a purse from COACH, rather than Target or even a thrift store; then those are the ones who will be broke, even if they had more money. Keeping up with the Joneses or anyone else, combined with too many bills will kill any chances of us moving from broke to wealthy. Just my opinion!!! :-D

I'll write another post going through each category in our budget and how I try to keep that bill low and why we don't have other bills as well.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Craziest Thing.....

Today, I completed a lot of things. I usually try to get things done during the week, but sometimes, having my husband here to look after our daughter, can helk me out so much. Its harder now to clean because she's an active, hands on, 3 year old. She's into everything...my shoes, necklaces, hair products, heels, powder, and even will try to put herself in the tub...LOL. Yep, that's my baby.

Speaking of that, what is the craziest thing you AND your child has ever done...I have a tons but I have the cake topper here...

My daughter once poured an ENTIRE box of POWDERED SUGAR and a whole box of RICE KRISPIES on our living room, floor which as carpet, at 10:30pm at night!!!!!!!!! I had to call on the Lord that night...LOL..I need strength!

One crazy thing I had done as a child was eat the white tips of matches...yes, the white tips! What in the world was I thinking! I was a interesting child..LOL

Friday, October 16, 2009

My "Going Out" Child Kit......

Yesterday, I went out to begin my Christmas shopping. I like to complete my shopping in what I call 3 rounds to keep things organized and less stressful for me. Which is as follows:

1st Round-Extended family & Pollyannas
2nd Round-Daughter
3rd Round-Husband

During these times, I have my 3 year old daughter with me. As we moms know, running errands, especially 4 hour long ones, can be even more draining if we have a crying or whiny child to care for as well.

To prevent against that, I always have a child kit. What is that you say, just a few things I have in a bag that I put in the back seat of the car in case my daughter starts to become restless or bored.

My kit contains the following:
1. 1 pull-up, pants, and a few wipes-in case of an accident
2. Child Had Sanitizer wipes
3. Pen and paper for drawing
4. Pre-K activity book-she loves to do the activities in this book
5. 1 reading book-she loves to read
6. 1 juice & snack- in case we are stuck in traffic or in a store; this would hold her over until we got something to eat.
7. Her favorite CD- currently its the Imagination movers.

This kit has helped me many times and therefore making my shopping trips more pleasant and easier.

Do you carry a child kit with you? If so, what items do you pack?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Plans On Hold......

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I have been talking about some personal things that I have been thinking about and working out over the past few weeks. What was taking up most of my thoughts/time was the possibility of going back to school; Law School to be exact.

Before I got too deep with prepping and planning, I wanted and needed to consult GOD first to 1. see if it was in his will and 2. if he would make a way for me to go to school. I did get prayer and the Lord did let me know it was alright for me to go back to school.

After that, I still wasn't happy. Something inside of me refused to let me be joyous and continue on in the planning process. I then sat down and begin to ask myself some hard but honest questions and in turn answer those questions honestly despite how I may feel. At the end of that session, I cam to a conclusion; Law School was NOT for me at this present time. I had to think about everything the Lord said to me and not just the "it's alright" part. Now, I could very well go at some later point down the road, but not now. And you know what was amazing, just as soon as I made that decision, I immediately felt better. It was like going from 0 to 10 in seconds on the happy scale. My spirit became more relaxed also. Its so amazing how GOD guides and protects me from potential disasters.

My husband and I also had a loooooong talk about this very subject. I told him that I didn't feel right; my spirit didn't feel right and I couldn't possibly go further with Law School without knowing exactly why I had these feelings. He told me that he actually prayed and asked GOD to let him know if what he was feeling was bad; because my husband had those same not so good feelings about me going to Law School but he didn't want to tell me as to not hurt my feelings. As soon as I told him that I felt the Lord didnt want me to go now, he said it was confirmation!!!!! He gave me a big hug and told me he was proud of me!

I know that GOD will provide. Besides, there are many, many people with advance degrees who cannot find work or who have low paying jobs they didnt think they would have to have. My life is a testimony in itself. My husband does NOT have a college degree, yet he is the HEAD..yes HEAD of his department, which requires a Master's degree. Got 2 promotions and 2 raises, including a bonus last year that was half his salary...yes, his bonus; which helped us buy our first home! We went to Europe for a month, have money in the bank, and are able to give to others. I'm NOT bragging, but the Lord brought all of this back to my remembrance to let me know it is HE..NOT I, BUT HE who opens doors and blesses. It is HE who provides for us and protects us and NOT a law degree OR job. I had to GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

I am so grateful to GOD for being so awesome. I feel Good and now can move on to others things. I love being a SAHM, although at first I didn't...BUT I Love it now!!!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Personal Post Coming Tommrrow....

Sorry for the absence, but some VERY important things have been going on in my life this past week that I have been trying to deal with. It is finally resolved and will tell you guys about it in a post tommrrow.

God is so good!


P.S. My daughter is just 3 years old and was nursed...rarely used bottles, and when we took her to the dentist they told us she needs 2 fillings and 2 caps; which will cost us $302 out of pocket. They said they she should've started coming around 6 months...WHAT?! They don't have any teeth yet! I thought 2 years old was the age; guess I was wrong. And they told me to start flossing her teeth...just imagine and trying to force open a 3 year old mouth to put string in between her teeth....just imagine.

Please pray for us and our wallets..LOL

Saturday, October 3, 2009

12 Cavities?? You've Gotta Be Kidding!!!!!

Yes, you all read that right. I recently went to the dentist, after a 13 year hiatus, to find out I have 12 cavities!!

Let me give you a little history. My mother wasn't the most motherly type person. She only took me and my sisters to the dentist 1...yes, 1 time in our life. Since she didnt make too much money, we were covered under welfare. When I turned 18, I was dropped from the free covered insurance and couldn't afford any on my own. I had started college and although they has a student insurance plan, it still was too much for a poor college student.

Fast forward 3 years and I am getting married. Luckly, my soon to be husband had a good job and offered great dental insurance. Still, I didnt go visit the dentist becasue frankly, I wasn't used to it. Now at 25 years old, I am trying to take a more grown up approach to my life by being and staying healthy in ALL AREAS.

I make sure I visit my personal doctor and OB-GYN once every year, visit the dentist 2 times a year, and visit the eye doctor since I wear glasses. And, I'm doing the same with my daughter...regular dentist and doctor appointments.

So back to the 12 cavities...I kinda thought it would be bad, but my dentist said my teeth/gums were in good shape for someone who have been to the dentist only once. As a result..wanna know the total for all the work I gotta get done...$3,599.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes...$3,599.00!!! I couldn't believe it...well..yea I could. Thank GOD, my husband insurance will cover most of it...we only have to pay $491 out of pocket which is a GREAT deal.

Moral of the story...get your regular check-ups...because it will not only keep your body healthy, but you'll live longer and avoid expensive medical, dental, and prescription bills.


Friday, October 2, 2009

October goals....

Goals for October

Eat out only 1 time a week

Stick to budget; track every dime

Stay within budget for house, misc funds

Schedule LSAT Test

Write Personal Statement

Write Resume

Study for LSAT 3 days during week and 1 hour on Saturdays

Rewrite Christmas list

Start shopping for Christmas

Get oil changes on both cars w/ car wash

Keep house CLEAN. TIDY each day.

Read the bible more

Be nicer

Stay on top of laundry

Book DISNEY trip