Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seriously, Some People Can't Be That.......


Someone recently said that the " cure-all" to most Americans being broke is for them to make more money!!!!! This person can't be serious. Making more money will not cure being broke if bad choices aren't changed into good ones. That's the problem nowadays; society pushing people to work, work, work...to make the all mighty dollar; and for what? To still be broke at the end of the day. Habits have to change; thoughts and ideas too!

The key is very simple to keeping more money in your pocket: try to keep your bills low and learn to love to live within your means! Easy and Simple, right?! For many people, it isn't.
Let me give you an example. When my husband and I started looking for a home to buy, we had a limit on what we wanted to pay each month in one big payment, including mortgage, insurance, and taxes.

We didn't bother looking at houses that would clearly bust our payment limit because we would just be fooling ourselves and our wallets. Now, sure we could've afforded a bigger house, but why? Our bills would be bigger, it would be more for me to clean, and more furniture we have to buy to decorate with! Besides, we wanted to live comfortably on what my husband was making at that time, since I am a SAHM; so if he got a raise or promotion (which he did), that would be extra money for us to keep in our pockets or give to other people in our family.

Society have warped most people minds into thinking more money means your less broke. Nope, it doesn't. If some people rather get a purse from COACH, rather than Target or even a thrift store; then those are the ones who will be broke, even if they had more money. Keeping up with the Joneses or anyone else, combined with too many bills will kill any chances of us moving from broke to wealthy. Just my opinion!!! :-D

I'll write another post going through each category in our budget and how I try to keep that bill low and why we don't have other bills as well.



Simple Christian Homemaker said...

I agree completely

Andrea said...

Sheena, your priorities are just right!!! I used to be so materially focused and always dreamed of a large home, nice car, etc.

As I grew in the grace of God, I found my focus change and my love for things diminish.

I pray for the Lord's grace to help me to always depend on Him and find contentment, satisfaction, in Christ, not things.

What an awesome post and wonderful blog! It's a ministry we all need! Blessings to you.

In Jesus' Love,