Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Been Away A While.......

Still here though. I have been in some kind of writer's block, which isn't too surprising at this time of the year for me. This is when I enjoy hosting holiday parties, playing games with family, visiting other relatives, and just relaxing.

The holidays are fast approaching and no matter how much I plan ahead, I always seem to be running behind. So far there is travel to plan for during the Thanksgiving holiday, decorating, Christmas shopping, holiday pictures, church dinner, and so many other things. I am NOT complaining by any means because this is my FAVORITE time of year; it just can wear my body out faster!

Also, I will be having another giveaway especially for the Holiday season, which will be for a Toys R US & Target Gift card. I am working on that post and put that up really soon!

Until then-


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Simple Christian Homemaker said...

So glad to see that your not gone, just relaxin'. This is absolutely my favorite time of year too! Oh so busy though. Can't wait to see you back in Blogland.