Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gotta Get Wiser with the Money

It seems to me that everything is going up as of late; gasoline, postage stamps and now our cell phone provider has pulled a rather "sneaky" move.

I check our sprint bill (which we have 2 phones through them) and notice the bill is $8 higher than usual.

Now that may now sound like a lot to most folks, but that will get me 2 gallons of gas in my tank.

Anyhow, my husband gets a discount through his employer and now Sprint has taken away the discount of the secondary phone (which is mine), but not the first phone....

Of coarse I don't find out until I log in and proceed to pay the bill.

Any other time they are trying to sell us something or begging us to get a higher costing plan, we get a full- stuffed letter in the mail.

Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice or even care to ask questions.

I tell ya, more and more everyday, I gotta get wiser and wiser, so we can continue to save some money; and not have our overall expenses go up.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Insurance Companies Are Some Scheming Folks

Ok, in my last post; I wrote about switching car insurance companies because my current company will only reduce my policy by $7.

So I shopped around and went with Esurance with was offering a 12 month rate for just $1,238.

That was A WHOLE lot cheaper than the $1,977 that Liberty Mutual was trying to bill us for.

So I go ahead, pay Esurance and oh, I get a nice gift card for switching!!

Today, I call Liberty Mutual to inform them that I wont be renewing our car policy with them and of coarse they ask why.

I told them frankly, I found another insurance company who was ALOT cheaper.

They asked, if it was ok to tell them how much and I said $1,238.

They said, if you can give us 10 min, we'll see what we can do.

We'll, I was kind of taken a back because I had ALREADY called a few days ago and asked for a cheaper rate; and since the best they could do what $7, I moved on.

These folks just called me back and said, we can keep your policy/coverage the same way it is and beat Esurance quote by $23 and give me a 12 month rate of $1,215!!!!

Wait, are you guys following me here???

All of a sudden, they can come down from $1,977 to $1,215???

Why in the world didnt they do this a few days ago?

Why did it take for me to purchase a policy from their competitor and call to cancel my business with them, to pull this stunt??

The agent then said, Insurance Companies dont like pulling people's insurance/driving records (which I didnt know existed) because it is a soft hit on they're credit report; so they just base people's policies on "general driving habits"...

Talk about being disgusted!!

You wanted to charge me $600+ more dollars because you didn't want to inconvenience me (yeah right) by pulling my insurance/driving record; when I called a few days ago asking for a cheaper rate??

I cant imagine all this time, my DH and I over paying because of this craziness.

We are staying with Esurance....

I'm glad I have the insider info now and it'll be going to good use.

I'm going to tell everyone I know....