Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Insurance Companies Are Some Scheming Folks

Ok, in my last post; I wrote about switching car insurance companies because my current company will only reduce my policy by $7.

So I shopped around and went with Esurance with was offering a 12 month rate for just $1,238.

That was A WHOLE lot cheaper than the $1,977 that Liberty Mutual was trying to bill us for.

So I go ahead, pay Esurance and oh, I get a nice gift card for switching!!

Today, I call Liberty Mutual to inform them that I wont be renewing our car policy with them and of coarse they ask why.

I told them frankly, I found another insurance company who was ALOT cheaper.

They asked, if it was ok to tell them how much and I said $1,238.

They said, if you can give us 10 min, we'll see what we can do.

We'll, I was kind of taken a back because I had ALREADY called a few days ago and asked for a cheaper rate; and since the best they could do what $7, I moved on.

These folks just called me back and said, we can keep your policy/coverage the same way it is and beat Esurance quote by $23 and give me a 12 month rate of $1,215!!!!

Wait, are you guys following me here???

All of a sudden, they can come down from $1,977 to $1,215???

Why in the world didnt they do this a few days ago?

Why did it take for me to purchase a policy from their competitor and call to cancel my business with them, to pull this stunt??

The agent then said, Insurance Companies dont like pulling people's insurance/driving records (which I didnt know existed) because it is a soft hit on they're credit report; so they just base people's policies on "general driving habits"...

Talk about being disgusted!!

You wanted to charge me $600+ more dollars because you didn't want to inconvenience me (yeah right) by pulling my insurance/driving record; when I called a few days ago asking for a cheaper rate??

I cant imagine all this time, my DH and I over paying because of this craziness.

We are staying with Esurance....

I'm glad I have the insider info now and it'll be going to good use.

I'm going to tell everyone I know....


Ann said...

So are you staying with Esurance, or are you staying with your previous company?

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

I'm staying with Esurance.

Jenny said...

We have Liberty Mutual and love them. We've had make a claim twice on the house and they covered a lot! We were very satisfied with their customer service and their adjusters. Everything went smoothly.

What I'm trying to say is insurance is only as good as the coverage. Make sure you are comparing the numbers and that essurance is giving you the exact same coverage and that they can be on a situation quickly!

slugmama said...

I totally believe they did this.
These are the kind of "games" businesses play with customers!

Now call your cable company and complain about the rate you pay and you need to cancel them...I bet they suddenly "find" a "special deal" for you to get you to

I know someone who called their phone company(landline)and asked for a better rate/plan and the CS person actually told her that she was not authorized to OFFER customers a better deal but if the customer MENTIONED a deal they knew of, the CS could give it to them. Crazy, huh?lol