Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gotta Get Wiser with the Money

It seems to me that everything is going up as of late; gasoline, postage stamps and now our cell phone provider has pulled a rather "sneaky" move.

I check our sprint bill (which we have 2 phones through them) and notice the bill is $8 higher than usual.

Now that may now sound like a lot to most folks, but that will get me 2 gallons of gas in my tank.

Anyhow, my husband gets a discount through his employer and now Sprint has taken away the discount of the secondary phone (which is mine), but not the first phone....

Of coarse I don't find out until I log in and proceed to pay the bill.

Any other time they are trying to sell us something or begging us to get a higher costing plan, we get a full- stuffed letter in the mail.

Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice or even care to ask questions.

I tell ya, more and more everyday, I gotta get wiser and wiser, so we can continue to save some money; and not have our overall expenses go up.


Jenny said...

Oh I hate when that happens! $8 is a lot of money! I noticed today that just the cost of a candy bar has gone up. They were $1.19 at CVS. Um, weren't they just 69 cents?

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

Yes Jenny; i have noticed that too!!

Michelle P said...

$8 is a lot! I'm always fighting with AT&T over stupid charges.

And I agree with candy prices going up. It makes me insane when I need candy now because I just can't justify it.

sell structured settlement said...

I check our sprint bill and notice the bill is $8 higher than usual. I noticed today that just the cost of a candy bar has gone up

Anonymous said...

Everything keeps going up and up! Thats one of the reasons we took money out of the bank and did a major stock up on foods and such. I am almost scared of what food will cost this summer


Anonymous said...

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