Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tooth Feeling Better & Updates!

Hello All,

Its so wonderful to type this post without pain meds or pain in my tooth!!

It feel G-R-E-A-T!!!!!

Last Sunday I was hurting so bad I went to 2 separate ER's twice and finally at my husband urging, made a trip to my dentist Monday.

Got x-rays and it was my bottom wisdom tooth; with the one right above it going bad as well.

Got an appointment with the oral surgeon the next day and got them removed.

Recovery has been going good & I will be going back Tuesday for a post-op and to get my stitches removed.


First, can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone?

I can't!

It feels like time is moving quicker and quicker.

I'm going to try to make sure we, my family, take time to stop and "smell the roses" this Christmas some holiday movies, baking yummy treats, going for a drive, family get together's, and just spending time with each other by turning off the out side world.

Thanksgiving was good, although with the recovery from the wisdom teeth removal, I was in no mood to host, but since we volunteered, I wanted to keep my word.

We had 23 people here at the house and plenty of good food I wish I could've devoured; but couldn't. Only soft foods or cold liquids for me.....

My husband and I were supposed to go to a very nice restaurant during this Thanksgiving break but we decided to delay that until December to give my gums a chance to heal.

Black Friday-

Despite all the hoopla, the Black Friday sales this year weren't too grand.

I got a better deal getting the kids toys at the end of October.

I did, however, get some Pots and Pans. I have always wanted a good pots/pans set and was determined to save up for one.

This year, Kohls had a GREAT set.

It's this one:

The price was $330, but on Black Friday, Kohl's had it for $149.99!

I also bought a Pyrex Glass Storage Set to get away from using plastic ones.

Here it is:

This glass set was $70 at Kohl's but on Black Friday, it was $30 with a $10 mail in rebate.

Together, the cookware set & glass ware both came to $190, I had a 15% off coupon I printed from online and it came to $162, including 6% sales tax. I also got $45 in Kohl's cash!!

I thought it was a fantastic deal and I went out around 11:45am (& it was still crowded, weird)!


You all probably know that ING is offering some great black friday promotions.

Here are a few:

- open a checking account, get $107 (after 5 transactions), must be a new member

-open a Teen checking account, get $37

-open a kids savings account, get $27

Since we are current ING members, we will open a savings account for each of our kids, which means $54 in free money, after 30 days.

Christmas Decor-

After 4 hours, the inside of our home is festive in honor of celebrating Jesus Birth. I love Christmas Decorations....

Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year!!

The music, meaning, lights, food, husband's time off, and gift giving are some of my favorite moments.

My husband even talked about making a day trip to Hershey, PA to view all the Christmas light and go on a Christmas drive through a Christmas village they have up there!

...........Christmas is also a VERY busy time of year.

We have 3 family dinners, a church Christmas play, gifts (and all that comes with that), cooking/baking food, a tradition Breakfast outing at the Marriott (My DH father started this by taking his kids to breakfast right before Christmas and it continues today), my daughter's school activities and oh, did I mention.....we are in the process of remodeling out kitchen!!

Whew!!! I'm tired from just writing about it!


I'm also trying to wein my son from breast feeling. He's 15 months and now he relies on it to go to's time to stop!

I'm also trying to get him to sleep in his own bed.

I was told by my husband, mother and grandmother don't get my son started in our bed, but nope, my hard-headed self didn't listen. I just couldn't stand him not being next to me.

We'll right now, as I type this at 6:17am, he is next to me in my bed.......with his little body taking up all the space! :-)

And he has a beautiful dark cherry crib in his own room.....yes..... it's time to get him outta here!!

We'll that's all for now. We have church today!!! I LOVE going to church!!

I have to straighten my hair and cook breakfast before everyone awakes (isn't us momma's always up first for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!)

P.S. Thank You Judy (we may be poor, but we are happy) for the lovely Christmas card, I will be sending you & my Christmas Card assigned person out this week!!!

If any of my other readers would like a Christmas card from, message me your address!! I LOVE, LOVE giving out Christmas cards!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 Wisdom Teeth Gone & Happy..........

Had my 2 wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth removed today!

Hopefully the pain and headache from the decayed tooth will be a thing of the past.

I'm recovering now and and sleepy; but the kids are at full steam and my husband is jamming to music in the family room.

The nurse offered to write me a note to get rest; but I told her, that wouldn't work......everyone would be in the room with me on the

Here's to a quick and speedy recovery........

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Sorry I have been M.I.A.; but I have been in a lot of pain the last week or so; so much so, I went to the ER at 2 different hospitals, only to leave because the wait was so long.

I was able to see a dentist today, because much of the pain was coming from my tooth.

Finally, my dentist took an x-ray of the tooth and saw a hole in my wisdom teeth. He even taped my tooth and I felt the pain; so, yep, both wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth will come out tomorrow!

Everything is set up and I'll be awake. They said I could even drive myself to and from the oral surgeon; so here's to hoping for the best!! I thought I was done with the dentist this year after having 12 cavities filled!

Sucks to be the week of Thanksgiving, BUT I'd eat a bowl of soup Thanksgiving day than deal with this pain....

I can have a mini Thanksgiving another time and then there's Christmas and all the yummy food that comes with that!

Please pray for me; I'm nervous even though I've had 4 surgeries in the past.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Back, Better & Bubbly!

Ahhhh.......finally able to breathe through my nose is truly is a wonderful feeling!

Last week was a hard one at my house.

With every single one of us sick, time couldn't go by fast enough.

Now that all of us are better, I can move forward.......yeah!

As for the financial side of things:

*The Amex is $687 and the statement ends tomorrow.

If you remember, the statement last month was over $1,200; so I am pleased!

It was hard and took a whole lot of saying "No' to myself, but it worked!

This will allow me to pay a HUGE chuck of my daughter's tuition, with the remanding balance being paid in December (to claim for tax purposes) which will free up another bill, without touching our savings account!

*My husband and I also have been talking about redoing our kitchen and adding a half bath.

We plan (Lord's will) to sell our home in 2-3 years, so this will hopefully add some value to our home.

Our budget will be $10,000 and that's gonna have to work......(I'll write up a seperate post about this soon with details).

*The cars are great! One thing I didn't realize until we bought the Acura was that all Acura's take Premium gas; not regular or plus, BUT premium!

Honestly though, it costs about $60 to fill up and it lasts my husband 2 full weeks, going to and from work; so not too bad!

*As for curbing my spending in general; its a work in progress. HAHAHAHAHA!

*Target/Walmart continue to lure me in, LOL.....

.....And with Christmas around the corner, cutting the spending is hard, but not impossible.

*I have been doing well with cooking everyday, turning lights and t.v's off and not just allowing the heat to run constantly without cause.

Oh, btw: our PECO (heating/gas/electric) was $161 this past month!!! I was so happy, especially since my husband and 2 kids need the t.v. on at night!

side note: You know anyone that needs the t.v. on to sleep? My grandpa ALWAYS sleep with the t.v. on, so do my husband, and kids....its crazy! Me, I can sleep in the

Back to the post......

*I'm am so glad I bought a lot of Christmas decor, cards, etc after the Christmas holiday last year. It saved me a lot of money and not having to go out this year and buy everything at full price. I have been putting up our Christmas stuff in the attic so keep and use again!

And with Thanksgiving next week, I have been thinking of where to put the tree, how we are going to decorate the house and other things............oh how I LOVE Christmas!!!!!!!!

We'll, let me go. I need to go sort through the gifts while the kids are asleep!! And I still dont know what to get my husband....he's the type of person who doesnt want or ask for gifts!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sneezing, Coughing, & Runny Nose Galore......

That's what my husband and I are doing right now.

We have gone through so much of Puff Plus tissue, its insane!

Although, we are on the mend.......the process takes a little longer when our rest isn't enough.

I did not feel like getting up, getting the kids together this morning and out the door.

My husband did not feel like getting ready for work, but that's life, right?

Usually a cold lasts about 4-5 days in our home and we are on day 3; so I'm hopeful this will be gone by this week's end, Lord willing.

I'm also hoping and praying this cold doesn't trigger a sinus infection or terrible sinus problems again. I have been taking Flonase and its been working pretty good; so I'm doing my best to keep my nose clear of mucus, taking my vitamins and drinking PLENTY of water.

Its currently 8pm and honestly, I'm ready to go to bed.

I have no desire to be a night owl anymore.

Momma's tired. :-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Kinda Sucks.......

both me and my husband are sick.

This has happened only once before and life was HARD those few days.

Usually its either myself or him, but not both.

And this comes at a time when my 1 year old son is teething in the back of his mouth, my daughter being her energetic self and work/house duties still need to be done.

Sometimes, I wish we had a nanny and this is one of those times.

We just need some rest.

When one of us is sick, the other person takes the kids off somewhere so the house can be nice and quiet.

But I'm hopeful.

I'm hoping we overcome this soon.

Really soon.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Amex Update

Its late, I'm sleepy and I'm cold; but before I sing off for the night I wanted to share with you my Amex Goal and current balance.

As you know, I tried to keep the balance this time around at $400 with $500 being the max.

Its currently at $486.80 and I still need to get gas and my DH wants to get both cars washed as well.

Looks like I'll be busting my budget, but not by much..............hopefully.

I have 14 more days before the statement ends.......I can do this!

We'll that is all, everyone have a good night.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its been 8 years.......

Its been 8 years since I met my husband........

8 loooooooong years..............

8 loooooooong, hard years.......................

8 loooooong, hard, grueling years................

8 looooooong, hard, grueling, tough years............

8 looooooong, hard, grueling, tough, intense years.........

Its been 8 years since I met my husband.........

8 glorious years...........

8 glorious, sincere years.....

8 glorious, sincere, kissy-kissy face years.......

8 glorious, sincere, kissy-kissy face, pet names years............

8 glorious, sincere, kissy-kissy face, pet name calling, warm-feeling years.....

And those years mixed together = 8 PERFECT years since I met my Husband!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cooking/Family Goals for November

In addition to finance and saving money, I created some cooking/family goals for this month as well.

Here are the things I would like to accomplish this month:

1. Make an apple pie from scratch.

2. Not get stressed out about having Thanksgiving at my home (Jesus be a Fence around me) :-)

3. Watch the Grinch, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and Home Alone.

4. Have a day out with just my husband (kids will be with Grandma)

5. Decorate as a family for Christmas

6. Contiune to have family movie night, every Wednesday. This week it's Cars 2!

7. Finish up Christmas shopping.

That's about it. List looks good and I'm hoping for the best.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When Life Gives Lemons....Grab A Pepsi Instead.

Feels like it has been forever since I've written on here.

Life sure does get busy sometimes.

And when stress is added into life's business, then things can become almost unbearable.

One thing I've learned these past few days is to not stress out over situations.

Stress only makes things worse....

You cannot think straight, you get headaches, and you throw off the balance of the entire household.

I also have a habit of thinking the worse of everything, when it's all in my head.

Sometimes, my mind worries me something fierce!

Worry can and will kill a person and maybe I just need to let some things roll of my sleeve.

Now that things are good once again, its time for me to get back to my regularly scheduled program.....saving money.