Friday, January 28, 2011

Sinus Infection.....Ugh

Please pardon my absence.....I caught a cold a few weeks back and as a result got a sinus infection. I have never even had sinus or allergy problems. I also didn't know it can last for a few weeks to a few months if not caught in please bear with me. I am, thank GOD, on the mend and doing better.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tax Time: Are You Happy, Sad, or Indifferent?

For some its the inevitable, for others its like a second Christmas and for others they are hoping to break even; tax time is among us and I have to say I am kinda looking forward to it.

As a person who doesn't understand a lot about tax codes or tax brackets, it refreshing to be able to go to a person nearby who does. I can ask many questions without feeling "not smart" and can get answers that I can comprehend. For me that is my husband.

Regarding my family, my husband got a new job offer in July of last year and as a result a new/increased salary; putting us in a higher tax bracket. Since we've had our only daughter as an only children for 4 years and claimed just 6 allowances, we been getting maybe $1,000 or so back. However, we have bought a house, have been paying my student loans, and even had another baby; so the tax calculator is now saying $2,100!!

I am happy because I was just hoping to break even, but a little extra doesn't hurt. Its nice not to give the government an "interest free loan" and we still get to have some money back. Plus my husband get a bonus from his job that will be paid out the end of February (which is 10% of his salary); so we'll probably get those 2 checks around the same time.

As for what we'll do with it; I like to follow the G.S.T. Method (a term I created BTW):

G is for GIVE: We GIVE to GOD first. Period. He's the reason we have it and its his money anyway. This includs tithes and an offering to someone.

S is for SAVE: We pay ourselves second. Put away some in our savings account.

T is for TREAT: I want my husband to be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. If he wants something he should be able to have it; besides he never buys himself anything. He is a selfless person.

This tax season are you happy/sad/indifferent?

If getting a refund, what will you do with it?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1 Month = Free Stuff!!!!!!!

Lately, I have been getting "back in the game" regarding freebies and saving money. I originally took a long break to focus on my family and new baby. Now, I feel, it is time for me to get back to my roots and start collecting some HUGE saving discounts/free stuff!!!! I'll profile the current month (Dec. 15th-Jan. 15th) since that's when I started up again. Here is a list of things that were FREE, yes Free!! When my camera charges, I'll come and edit with a "real" picture; so you all can see the truth behind this..... Note: This does NOT include Free samples or Grocery/Coupon savings.........

$25.50 in the form of a check that will be mailed out in their next rotation which is Feb. 15th.

I received a $10.00 Home Depot GC (Gift
Card) just for signing up with Ebates. It is a site that gives you money back on purchases when you buy through them; kinda like MyPoints; which I will get to later.

I am a member of Disney Movie Rewards. If you buy a Disney DVD, go see a Disney Movie, or even just find a code via the internet, you can have the chance to earn some great items. Since I have been a member, I have gotten a BLU-RAY National Treasure DVD and now a Handy Manny DVD for Free. Just save up your points until you earn what you want.

SWAG BUCKS, SWAG BUCKS, SWAG BUCKS!!!! If you have not signed up with them you should. Its FREE stuff just by doing something you do everyday anyway: searching the web. I have earned numerous GCs through them with the current being an Amazon GC.

My husband does not like to dine out, especially at "fast food" places but if he does go and grab a bite out to eat somewhere, it is either Chick Fil'A or Panera Bread. Through MyPoints, which is just like Ebates except you earn points instead of cash back, I have received a $10 GC form them about 2 weeks ago.

Another MyPoints GC on its way to me as we speak. $10.00 is the value. Again FREE Money.....

Since we have a TON of carpet in our house, keeping it clean is VERY important to us. We knew we needed to buy a Carpet cleaner but was just waiting on the right time to buy it....ON SALE...LOL. Target finally had one around Christmas on sale and giving a $20 GC in the process!!! So we bought it and I managed to find a rebate form in the local paper and also would give me $20 back in the form of a check from Bissell; that check arrive last week and is in my purse!!

Our Credit Union (this picture isn't our CU, just a general CU from online) has a rewards club for its members. Each time you make a purchase you earn points. We earned enough to get a $25 Best Buy GC; of coarse going to my DH, since that's his favorite store!!!!

Best Buy has a rewards club as well. Every time we make a purchase we earn points and this time we earn 1000 points which gave us a $20 Best Buy Gift Certificate; also going to my DH; he'll have a ball in that store...LOL

And last buy certainly not least......
ING has been a GOD send. If you are looking to save money and earn a little interest on it...then ING is your place. We already had a savings account with them but this past Black Friday they had a promotion where if you opened a checking account and make 7 purchases within 45 days, you'll get $103 in FREE cash. Well, yesterday was the 45 days and we are $103 richer!!!

If you like what you saw, don't forget to visit again!!! Would love to "see" you once more....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ethan in his baby "Recliner"..LOL

Here is Ethan in his man Chair....too funny. I cannot believe my boy is 4 months already; he is growing up so fast.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Summer, Summer, Summer Time"..........

Now that my favorite time of the year has passed; I have been thinking more and more about this coming summer and that word my husband loves:VACATION!!!

Here are some pictures from our last vacation, which was in North Carolina. I have to say that going to a place like North Carolina was nice because it was AWAY from the hustle of the city; even with living in the suburbs, it still has a city feel.

We drove 8 hours away and had a nice time at a lake "resort" are some pictures:

Enjoy & I hope you visit again!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ethan is teething at 3 months; any tips??

I thought babies teethe later but he has 2 coming through and as a result is very fussy, whiny, and has a little fever. Any tips on what I can do?? I have a few teething rings.