Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ethan is teething at 3 months; any tips??

I thought babies teethe later but he has 2 coming through and as a result is very fussy, whiny, and has a little fever. Any tips on what I can do?? I have a few teething rings.


LaSandra said...

I had one who teethed early. Its almost kind of scary...lol. I'm not sure if I did anything in particular (probably some occasional infant tylenol when he wsa very irritable). But, beware if you are breastfeeding: I think that early teething causes them to want to bite down when nursing to soothe their gums! Ouch!

BTW: Love the family photo!

Jacqueline said...

Each baby is so different its hard to say. When mine got fussy from teething I just held them more and let them nurse more. but beware they do like to bite. I am not a pacifier advocate but some people let them suck on that for comfort. If gets bad ask doctor if you can rub his gums with baby Orajel

The Saved Quarter said...

Freeze a wet washcloth and let him chew on it. It's cold and nubbly, which is soothing for the gums without medication.