Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Can Offically Say That I've Been..............

.........Married 4 Years!!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Are Your Thoughts On........

.....this quote heard on a radio station:
"Poor people spend money, middle-class save money, and rich people invest money".

I'll save my comments until you all have posted yours.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hubby Going away next week.......

Gotta get him ready. He's going on a business trip for 2 days...which is a lot to me. It'll just be me and my daughter, at the mall, LOL. Just kidding.

I am also in the midst of preparing our menu for the next 2 weeks. I go food shopping on Monday and there are 2 special days during the next 2 weeks.; 1. Father's Day & 2. Our wedding anniversary (June 24th).

Well, I'm off to hang with the family.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tour of my Living Room!-Problems..

I recorded and uploaded the video onto my computer, but it's not uploading to my blog. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?


Monday, June 8, 2009

K-Mart Doubles & Troubles...

I went to Kmart this morning to grab some items that my family uses frequently. Things like lotion, sun screen, laundry detergent, mouthwash, pull-ups, etc.

I had my coupons with me to take advantage of the $2 doubles Kmart was offering this week; but I have to say that I am quite disappointed with Kmart.

First, they only allow 10 coupons, per person, per day. I cannot bring my hubby because he's in meetings for most of the day and doing other important stuff.

Secondly, they increased their prices to cover the cost of the money they would've lost due to the double coupons. Their baby wash, pull-ups/diapers, lotions, etc were all considerably higher than Walmart & Target. For example, they had a pack of Huggies Pull-Ups, 26ct, for OVER $12. These pull-ups are usually UNDER $10, regular Walmart they were $9!

Thirdly, They do not re-stock their selves in an timely manner. I got to the store around 9am, and they were JUST starting to re-stock. With a energetic 2 year old, there was no way I would have an opportunity to stand around and wait for them. I thought stores usually re-stock their selves overnight or early in the morning..not 9am!

And lastly, I just wish KMart was better organized. That's the one reason why I shop at Target and am willing to pay the extra money that they charge...CUSTOMER SERVICE & ORDERLY. Every time I need help, Target gives me NO problems. The aisles are cleaner and clearer, everything is neat, I can find items or an associate without a hassle, their bathrooms are decent, and I love the red, eye popping color. And my hubby feels the same way..and will NOT go to Walmart OR Kmart, if he doesn't have to.

I might go back this week to Kmart to see what else I can get for FREE or really cheap, but I wouldnt hold my breath...LOL.

Just my two cents.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm Back and Feeling Refreshed...............

.................Thanks to many prayers, kind words, and intervention by GOD.

This past week...well actually, these past few weeks, have been very difficult for me spiritually. There were many times when I felt like the was Devil closing in on me.
I started to feel like I couldn't make an escape until GOD came and intervened on my behalf.
My home even has a different feel to it & I'm more peaceful and happier.

Now, If I can ONLY get my 2, almost 3, year old daughter to stay in her bed, when it's time to go nite nite.