Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hubby Going away next week.......

Gotta get him ready. He's going on a business trip for 2 days...which is a lot to me. It'll just be me and my daughter, at the mall, LOL. Just kidding.

I am also in the midst of preparing our menu for the next 2 weeks. I go food shopping on Monday and there are 2 special days during the next 2 weeks.; 1. Father's Day & 2. Our wedding anniversary (June 24th).

Well, I'm off to hang with the family.

Enjoy your day.


My Life as a MOM... said...

I hope you and your daughter have lots of fun time together. I need to take my little girl shopping too as I have 2 special days also...Father's Day (I kinda already have that gift) and our anniversary (the 21st). Good luck finding the perfect gifts!

Love Abounds At Home said...

The mall sounds fun! What else do you have planned while hubby's gone?