Monday, November 21, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Sorry I have been M.I.A.; but I have been in a lot of pain the last week or so; so much so, I went to the ER at 2 different hospitals, only to leave because the wait was so long.

I was able to see a dentist today, because much of the pain was coming from my tooth.

Finally, my dentist took an x-ray of the tooth and saw a hole in my wisdom teeth. He even taped my tooth and I felt the pain; so, yep, both wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth will come out tomorrow!

Everything is set up and I'll be awake. They said I could even drive myself to and from the oral surgeon; so here's to hoping for the best!! I thought I was done with the dentist this year after having 12 cavities filled!

Sucks to be the week of Thanksgiving, BUT I'd eat a bowl of soup Thanksgiving day than deal with this pain....

I can have a mini Thanksgiving another time and then there's Christmas and all the yummy food that comes with that!

Please pray for me; I'm nervous even though I've had 4 surgeries in the past.


Anonymous said...

My daughter had all four taken out at once and was ok in a few days if that helps. As for me I am terrified of the dentist so I think you are very brave.

You will be in my thoughts. Hope all goes well.


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, where do you live that the wait was so long at the ER?! That is scary!

I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I'm glad you'll get your wisdom teeth out. Good luck!