Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Back, Better & Bubbly!

Ahhhh.......finally able to breathe through my nose is truly is a wonderful feeling!

Last week was a hard one at my house.

With every single one of us sick, time couldn't go by fast enough.

Now that all of us are better, I can move forward.......yeah!

As for the financial side of things:

*The Amex is $687 and the statement ends tomorrow.

If you remember, the statement last month was over $1,200; so I am pleased!

It was hard and took a whole lot of saying "No' to myself, but it worked!

This will allow me to pay a HUGE chuck of my daughter's tuition, with the remanding balance being paid in December (to claim for tax purposes) which will free up another bill, without touching our savings account!

*My husband and I also have been talking about redoing our kitchen and adding a half bath.

We plan (Lord's will) to sell our home in 2-3 years, so this will hopefully add some value to our home.

Our budget will be $10,000 and that's gonna have to work......(I'll write up a seperate post about this soon with details).

*The cars are great! One thing I didn't realize until we bought the Acura was that all Acura's take Premium gas; not regular or plus, BUT premium!

Honestly though, it costs about $60 to fill up and it lasts my husband 2 full weeks, going to and from work; so not too bad!

*As for curbing my spending in general; its a work in progress. HAHAHAHAHA!

*Target/Walmart continue to lure me in, LOL.....

.....And with Christmas around the corner, cutting the spending is hard, but not impossible.

*I have been doing well with cooking everyday, turning lights and t.v's off and not just allowing the heat to run constantly without cause.

Oh, btw: our PECO (heating/gas/electric) was $161 this past month!!! I was so happy, especially since my husband and 2 kids need the t.v. on at night!

side note: You know anyone that needs the t.v. on to sleep? My grandpa ALWAYS sleep with the t.v. on, so do my husband, and kids....its crazy! Me, I can sleep in the

Back to the post......

*I'm am so glad I bought a lot of Christmas decor, cards, etc after the Christmas holiday last year. It saved me a lot of money and not having to go out this year and buy everything at full price. I have been putting up our Christmas stuff in the attic so keep and use again!

And with Thanksgiving next week, I have been thinking of where to put the tree, how we are going to decorate the house and other things............oh how I LOVE Christmas!!!!!!!!

We'll, let me go. I need to go sort through the gifts while the kids are asleep!! And I still dont know what to get my husband....he's the type of person who doesnt want or ask for gifts!

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