Saturday, October 17, 2009

Craziest Thing.....

Today, I completed a lot of things. I usually try to get things done during the week, but sometimes, having my husband here to look after our daughter, can helk me out so much. Its harder now to clean because she's an active, hands on, 3 year old. She's into shoes, necklaces, hair products, heels, powder, and even will try to put herself in the tub...LOL. Yep, that's my baby.

Speaking of that, what is the craziest thing you AND your child has ever done...I have a tons but I have the cake topper here...

My daughter once poured an ENTIRE box of POWDERED SUGAR and a whole box of RICE KRISPIES on our living room, floor which as carpet, at 10:30pm at night!!!!!!!!! I had to call on the Lord that night...LOL..I need strength!

One crazy thing I had done as a child was eat the white tips of matches...yes, the white tips! What in the world was I thinking! I was a interesting child..LOL


Jenny said...

Oh no about the floor, but I bet that was quite a sight!

When my daughter was your age, she managed to get into the bottom cabinet, get out a bundt cake pan and a whole container of flour AND sugar onto the floor. She was making me a cake, she said! LOL! Luckily, it was in the kitchen, but it was still a mess.

Apparently when I was 2, I cut my own hair.

Katrina said...

That is so funny! KeKe has not ever really done anything like that. However, a few weeks ago she decided to put on some of my perfume and ended up squirting herself in the was a mess b/c she was screaming and I had to rip her clothes off and throw her in the shower to rinse her eyes out.

When I was a toddler, my mom told me that I disappeared from the living room and she couldn't find me anywhere...she later found me under the kitchen cabinet eating SOS pads...guess I'm not far from you on the match tips. lol