Friday, October 16, 2009

My "Going Out" Child Kit......

Yesterday, I went out to begin my Christmas shopping. I like to complete my shopping in what I call 3 rounds to keep things organized and less stressful for me. Which is as follows:

1st Round-Extended family & Pollyannas
2nd Round-Daughter
3rd Round-Husband

During these times, I have my 3 year old daughter with me. As we moms know, running errands, especially 4 hour long ones, can be even more draining if we have a crying or whiny child to care for as well.

To prevent against that, I always have a child kit. What is that you say, just a few things I have in a bag that I put in the back seat of the car in case my daughter starts to become restless or bored.

My kit contains the following:
1. 1 pull-up, pants, and a few wipes-in case of an accident
2. Child Had Sanitizer wipes
3. Pen and paper for drawing
4. Pre-K activity book-she loves to do the activities in this book
5. 1 reading book-she loves to read
6. 1 juice & snack- in case we are stuck in traffic or in a store; this would hold her over until we got something to eat.
7. Her favorite CD- currently its the Imagination movers.

This kit has helped me many times and therefore making my shopping trips more pleasant and easier.

Do you carry a child kit with you? If so, what items do you pack?


Simple Christian Homemaker said...

Sounds like a well thought out kit. It may be just what I needed for motivation to make my kids car kits :-)

Well Watered Woman said...

Hey Sheena,
I wanted you to know that I so enjoy your blog and what you are saying here that I've given you the Kreativ Blogger award.
Be sure to stop by the Well to check it out when you have a chance.


Jenny said...

You are so brave to take your daughter shopping with you! When I'm buying lots of things or I need to think, I can't bring Abby. She is not the best shopper.