Thursday, October 8, 2009

Personal Post Coming Tommrrow....

Sorry for the absence, but some VERY important things have been going on in my life this past week that I have been trying to deal with. It is finally resolved and will tell you guys about it in a post tommrrow.

God is so good!


P.S. My daughter is just 3 years old and was nursed...rarely used bottles, and when we took her to the dentist they told us she needs 2 fillings and 2 caps; which will cost us $302 out of pocket. They said they she should've started coming around 6 months...WHAT?! They don't have any teeth yet! I thought 2 years old was the age; guess I was wrong. And they told me to start flossing her teeth...just imagine and trying to force open a 3 year old mouth to put string in between her teeth....just imagine.

Please pray for us and our wallets..LOL


Jenny said...

That's insane. I went to school for dental assisting and they tell you age 3 is the best time to start going to the dentist. Our dentist and pediatrician also said that.

I'd get a second opinion, just in case they just are looking to make money!

Becca said...

I agree about getting a second opinion. After all, these teeth are going to be falling out in 5 years. Besides, she is 2 that's traumatic!

Simple Christian Homemaker said...

You're in my prayers. You would not imagine a nursed baby having all that going on. Also, I would never take my baby to the dentist at 6mos. old, What in the world? I believe 2 years old is a good time

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone. I called me dentist and she said she doesn't see a baby until they are two. Also do you have Flouride in your water? Many counties/states dont have this in their water and that is why I believe there is a rise in cavities in childrn's teeth.