Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Huggies Is Awesome!

I love Huggies!!

Really, I do!

It's like my alliance to Tide, Bounty and Glade....when I find a great product, I stick to it!

When it comes to diapers for my son; well both of my kids, Huggies is my choice.

Both of my kids are/were huge poopers! I mean "mess-up entire onesies", "poop up back" type kids. So much so, I've had to toss a few Gerber and Carter onesies away (BTW-both brands are awesome).

And its not just the diapers, I LOVE the Thick and Clean wipes! They are not thin and dry like Pampers, Luvs or other store brands out there. Just need 2 or 3 for the big explosions and I'm done!

Lately though, I haven't been so pleased with Huggies. I decided to try the new Slip-On diapers that they have out and have not been a happy camper.

When the diaper constantly falls off my son, poop staining his clothes, diapers in smaller sizes and non holding straps; it was time to write Huggies and inform them of my discontentment.

I wrote an e-mail explaining the dissatisfaction I had with the slip-on diapers:


I dont have a question but a comment. I bought 4 packs of Huggies Jumbo Slip-On Diapers; size 4, for my son and have had BAD experiences with these diapers. These diapers cannot hold poop and as a result the diaper fell off of his bottom and the poop ruined his onesie. I cannot buy these slip-on's again and will just stick to your snug and dry, little movers and/or original diapers. I also used your thick and clean wipes and it literally took 7-8 wipes just to clean all the poop up from his back, bottom, legs and onesie. I just had to take time out and write you to inform you of this. I love huggies, both diapers and wipes; just not the slip-ons. Thanks!


Two days later I got an email from them apologizing for my mishap. They told me that they were sending out some coupons..

Two days after that, I received them in the mail...

2 coupons for free diapers and 2 $1.00 off coupons!!

This makes me love HUGGIES even more.

This shows that they care about how their customers view their products and that our opinion counts!


Jenny said...

My sister doesn't like their slip-on diapers either. She said they don't hold much.

I'm glad you got some coupons to go buy the ones you like!

~Carla~ said...

That is wonderful customer service! I was always a pampers mom...I always loved the smell of the (clean) diapers! ;)

Anonymous said...

Its funny my sil was just complaining about them also

I think I will tell her to write an email also