Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the Mend, Escrow Increase, Amex Update and More

I'm finally on the mend. Yesterday I visited my parents and was almost sick as a dog. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose and more.

Early this morning I was coughing like crazy until I took some Robitussin DM.

The BEST cough meds for me has always been Night Quill....and thats probably because it would put me to sleep and allow my body to heal and fight off infections faster.

But with 2 kids and currently nursing 1 of those kids, Night Quil wasnt the best option anymore.

This is the 3rd cold I have had in the past few months......maybe next year I'll consider the flu-shot for all of us.

In other news......our escrow (or mortgage) is going up.

We make 1 payment to Wells Fargo and everything comes out of that and gets sent to each respective party.

So that means our current payment of $1,188 is going to be $1,202 because our county has approved a tax increase. Our mortgage is the name, but insurance, taxes and other bologna varies.

Keep In Mind our property values are going down dramatically, no matter what upgrades we do (we are currently remodeling the kitchen).

Sucks, BIG Time.....

Oh, and Wells Fargo said our escrow balance was $245 short from a minimum balance they* are comfy with, so we have to send in $245 before Jan. 1st or that will divided into 12 and added into the new payment of $1,202 above!

Never mind the fact that they decide all of this at the beginning of the year and only now, in December, do they realize a shortage.

Needless to say, that check was put in the mail last week......

...............and I had the nerve to say I couldn't wait until I was grown. Someone should've slapped me.............HARD.........ACROSS THE FACE!

As for the Amex Update, the last statement was $1,108-needless to say I slipped AGAIN!

I have refocused and will not let that balance go over $450 for the current statement.

We shall see................ :-)

Other tidbits:

I finally mailed out my Christmas cards and wrapped 99% of the gifts.

I keep leaving the heat on 70 degrees at night...by accident; I am so gonna hate that bill when it comes.

Today is my DH last day before Christmas Vacation.

I need to read the bible more, because it keeps my mind at peace.

I dont understand why organizing my coupons take hours and hours.......


Kevin said...

Ah, the perennial escrow increase. Everyone always told me that I would see a decrease after the first year. I didn't. I did see one last year but they sent me a check for the overage (which I just applied right back to the principal) and now this year it looks like they will need to increase it again. Instead of just leaving the extra in from last year... ugh... it's all too complicated for me and I'm the type that loves numbers.

I just finished wrapping the last of my gifts today.

I don't think we've turned the heat on yet this year. We might have... one night when I was sick I swear it was warmer in the house than it should be... but I don't think so. We'll never have a white Christmas in Florida but it is nice on the heating bill.

UhOh! Here We Go said...

*sigh* WellsFargo "fixed" our escrow too.

They told us our escrow is $908 short. Which shot our payments from 755 to 890 a month!

Makes me want to cry thinking about it. We don't have the extra $908 laying around.

Jenny said...

Our mortgage is through Bank Of America and the same thing happened to us. We were short too. We decided to pay it up front, instead of adding it on every month. How annoying!

Our taxes went up last year too and the values are way down. What's the deal with that?

Bummer about the Amex. I'm sure you'll do better this month!

Anonymous said...

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