Thursday, November 25, 2010

Diaper Rash: The Hidden Enemy

If there is one thing that is associated with a baby, it’s a soft, smooth….. Perfectly round bottom.

A bottom free from scratches, scars and “ouchies”.

It may very well seem as if all is well, but there is one hidden aliment that ruins my baby’s bottom and that is the dreaded diaper rash!!

As a mom of a newborn, I am currently being told what and how to care for my son’s bottom to prevent such things from happening…

…….wash in warm water, keep area clean, use fragrance free wipes, and so on.

Sometimes though, no matter what I do, the rash appears and stays for a while.

I’ve learned not to worry about it because it’ll drive me batty.

The internet has been a great tool in finding inexpensive, non-medical ways of treating and preventing diaper rash outbreaks; along with talking with older mothers and grandmothers too.

One of the best ways I have learned to prevent future diaper rash is using corn starch. It’s something I already have in my pantry and has been used by many mothers for hundreds of years.

I have to admit though, before learning of the corn starch option, Desitin was my go to ointment of choice.

It cleared up the rash in 2 to 3 days and never seemed to bother my infant son.

I also realized that using certain brands of diapers would aid in a resurfacing rash, so I switched to Huggies. It worked and we haven’t experienced any rashes since.

I would recommend any mother who stresses over diaper rash to do some research, talk to other mothers and even consult their child’s doctor for various ways to clear up a rash.

It’ll bring some relief to the baby and some relief to our minds….

… least until something else pops up!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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I've been wondering where you are! Happy Thanksgiving!