Monday, December 20, 2010

What Christmas Means To Me....

Christmas is often misinterpreted as a time for shopping. with snowmen, reindeer, and elves taking precedence over Jesus. Hardly ever does one really reflect on the true meaning of Christmas; as the reason for celebrating is in the word itself. Many do not know the true reason for the season or the real meaning behind Jesus being born. Often God is left out of his own holiday and forgotten in the midst of toys, clothes, electronics, and other material possessions.

Christmas is about Jesus being born to a Virgin, named Mary and her spouse, Joseph. Jesus was not only born to “earthly parents” who were of lowly stature, but he was also born in meager like conditions such as a manger where it was cold, dirty, and the smell of animals consumed the air. Many do not realize that Jesus “choose” this. That he choose to be a vessel in which God the father used to reconcile man to himself. Without Jesus being born, we would not have an opportunity to be with God in heaven. Jesus showed us, his people, what Christmas truly is about: LOVE! That love, can and will make a person go to whatever extremes to save another.

Christmas is about being given a second chance; its about being humble and submitting ourselves to each other; its about sacrificing ones desires, dreams, and goals for the sake of saving our brothers and sisters; its about giving…giving of oneself, giving from the heart, being a cheerful giver; its about “choosing” to be a vessel for GOD and being available for his use.

So instead of investing time and energy into buying a bunch of material items (which will pass away), we should use that time to pray for each other; instead of shopping for hours on end, buying everything our hearts desire, maybe donate to a local toy drive or even someone in our own family. Instead of watching t.v., read the nativity account in the Bible. Instead of sitting around with nothing to do, call a family member and tell them how much you love them. In doing this, we realize that Christmas is truly about love, giving, humility, and serving each other. Let’s take the time to adopt new ways and traditions that opens our eyes to Jesus ultimate sacrifice and his love for mankind. Do this, so in the end, just as God the father was pleased with Jesus sacrifice, he can be pleased with ours!

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