Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've been watching you.......

......well kinda. I have been peaking in everyone's blogs, "seeing" how things are. I can't believe I haven't blogged since May! So many things has happened since the last time I wrote on here.
Let's see, 1st I went on 2 vacations, family reunion, and to the beach! Whew, we were wiped. My husband and I actually agreed that was a bit much. We had a full, but fun summer!

On the sinus issue, they have started to level out! I have been on different types of meds but none really seemed to work. I had a few procedures and even a CAT scan and everything looked ok, except for some minor inflammation where the ache is in my face. They wanted to give me some steroids but can't since I nurse my son! Please pray for me, but the Lord has been keeping it at bay, so I've been pretty good.

The kids are well. All of our birthdays are next week! Can you believe it! I'm 9/7, my son is 9/9, and my daughter is 9/11; we get so many surprise looks when we reveal how close our birthdays are, LOL. I kinda like it. I'll focus on the kids birthdays and my husband can focus on me, hahahaha!

On the savings/financial home front, everything is ok. One thing I have to add in my budget, that seems to knock it out of whack is misc. expenses. With kids and life in general, sometimes, things happen and that requires money. I think I may have been a little naive about it, but I am fixing that. Also, due to our busy summer, I havent been able to save as much as I would like and I am working like a mad woman to stick to our budget and save more. Being a good steward of God's blessings take effort.

I have started my Christmas shopping in July but I really get in the swing of things in September. I have my list, budgeted amount and gift ideas. My budget this Christmas is $950; which is pretty darn good, if I say so myself! There are many people we buy for and we love doing it. Good thing is, we dont need to buy any Christmas cards, wrapping paper, boxes, etc because that was all purchased during the after Christmas sales last year!

Speaking of shopping, My husband and I are in the early stages of purchases a 2nd home. This current one is nice, but we would like something bigger. If it's God's will and everything goes according to plan, we want to purchase next summer. With our current home, we are thinking of keeping it as an investment and renting it out. It'll take work being a landlord; but we will prepare and do everything necessary to make sure we are prepared and well informed. Besides, that'll give us an extra income and we want to build our financial future, I'm 26 and my husband is 31!

My husband is doing well too! Working, relaxing, playing more of his PS3 (which I like because it allows him to have an outlet, mentally). He is so helpful around the house and I couldnt be more happier to have him in my life.

We'll that's it. I'll "see" you tomorrow in blog land.

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