Monday, February 7, 2011

Wanna know what SUCKS??

The high cost of meds.

I finally got to an ENT doctor and she did an Nasalsopy and said my sinus infection was gone, but I did have allergies.....(guess I'm apart of the 100+ million member club) and gave me a prescription for Nasonex.

Great, right?! Except it the co-pay was $20! Yes $20. I thought that was the regular price......uhhh...nope! Try $121.99! Yes, isn't that crazy?

Also, the side effects include....take a guess...........SINUS INFECTIONS, HEADACHES, DIZZYNESS!! The very things I'm trying to get away from.

Needless to say I haven't used it yet; I'm using saline spray and steam.


Divamom said...

Too funny! I just got a prescription for the same medication today! I've used Nasonex before and thankfully it hasn't caused any of those wild side effects. Use your own judgment, but it works pretty good.

Be Blessed!

Kate said...

What a gorgeous family you have! Thanks for visiting my blog at!

Vertigo is a fancy name for dizziness usually associated with inner ear problems.

Nichole said...

Med prices are out of control. The full price on all of my meds are around $2500 per month. One RX alone is $1299 and another is $846. Plus all of the other 'smaller' priced ones. This are all because of a kidney transplant which means, there is no way to come off of them unless the kidney fails. And I don't want that!