Friday, March 18, 2011


Stopping in to say "Hello"!!!

I hope all is well with everyone. I am doing good!

I have been having crazy sinus issues, aniexty/panic attacks, and dealing with now a eye floater (although, I've been to an Ophthalmologist who said everything looks pretty good and he doesnt see any floater?!) I've been doing much better though, by God's grace and my husband's support.

I have been learning not to let everything stress me out and have started taking time to myself when he gets home after work.

Other than that, the weather is going to be nice today; 75 degrees!!

I also found a new favorite store: Home Goods!! I could stay in there for hours and hours! I absolutely adore that place. Although, I have learned, its not a place ot take 2 kids; I love to take my time when I'm out shopping.

On the financial front: My husband did recieve a "raise", although it wasnt what we were expecting, but he does make a decent salary and has only been there 6 months. He also recieved a bonus as well; again not what we expected, but grateful just the same.

Here's 2 pictures of Issy and Ethan:

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