Saturday, December 29, 2012

I knew this would happen

Getting sick over the Christmas break...

....and its not just me either....

My baby, 2 and 6 year old are all fighting colds/coughs and everything in between.

I dont think I felt like this in a long time; which is odd because I usually get over sicknesses rather quickly.

This all started when I went to pick up my daughter from school on the last day before winter break.  When she started to talk about her throat hurting and soon after a fever came, i already knew this "vacation" was going to be different then I had hoped.

What makes things even worse is that my 2 year old wants to lay up on everyone and he doesnt know how to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes....and we dont want anymore germs.

I cant give my baby or 2 year any meds because they are too young and that mean I just have to let this cold take it's natural coarse; which means it will be some long days and nights around here for a while.

Part of me thinks maybe I should have let them get the flu vaccine that was offered at their doctor's office....well you live and you learn.

I had so many plans for this Christmas break.......

.......Zoo, Movies, Having a few dinners out, special projects around the house.....but nope.

 It's been laying around, taking meds, keeping kids washed/cleaned, changing bed sheets (to aviod sleeping in germs), and drinking tons of hot tea and water.

I got my fever, 102.4, Christmas Eve!  I was able to get it lowered by soaking towels in egg white and putting them on my feet and then socks.  It worked like a charmed but I was still feeling kinda crappy...straight through until now.

The good thing is that my husband has been off from work so he's here to help out.  Im not sure how I would be able to do this with him working or more importantly..traveling.

I seriously dont want him to get sick so I have been having him take some meds just in case.  He has a more sentitive stomach and any regular cold would cause server damage to him.

Currently, I'm just waiting for all of us to get better and move on.  With Christmas break over in 4 days it'll be back to regular life for us and I would like to be my normal self when that happen.


Out My window said...

I remember the days when all the kids would get sick. Take care of yourself I am sure you are not getting enough sleep.

T Champagne said...

It's been a minute Mrs. B when will we update. A lot has happened since 2012! :O)