Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ever Heard of The Expression...............

................Christmas in July???

Well, even though its August...I have started planning for Christmas. I love everything about the day; the meaning, celebrating my Lord and Savior Jesus, giving to others, the lights, music, food, and just being with family.

With that said, we all know that Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year with gifts, food, travel, electricity (Christmas trees & lights), heating costs, etc. Since I can't predict what most will costs, I can start the budget process for our gifts.

Since my entire family is large..very LARGE...we have started doing Pollyanna's; that way no one would be burdened with trying to buy a present for everyone. Also, my husband and I wanted to give a gift to my sisters as well.

Furthermore, I have started my wish list for my husband...LOL..better early than never!
I also created budgets for each of us with the gifts we would like:

$70.00 for our daughter
Educational toy-Jumpstart Game
Misc Toy

$125.00 for Mommy
The Mummy DVD (1st movie)
Pajamaas-Purple or Blue
Wawa Gift Card-$20
$25 Cash
1 nice smelling Candle
Comfy Slippers

$200.00 for Daddy

This is our start to a more frugal Christmas. You wouldn't believe how much we used to spend on each other in the past; but we wanted to spend less money and try to give gifts that are less expensive but really special!

We also have started 3 new traditions within our household to do during the Christmas holiday.......

.....They are:
1. Put on our coats and walk around our neighborhood to view all the pretty Christmas lights.

2. Give/Send a donation box to a shelter or organization that helps those who are less fortunate.

3. Bake cookies, then shut out all our lights except for the Christmas tree and watch a traditional Christmas cartoon (while eating our freshly baked Christmas cookies!)

I can't wait for Christmas!

Until Next Time,
Peace Be Unto You!

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Well Watered Woman said...

We love Christmas too!
With 4 kids it didn’t take us long to learn the benefits of starting Christmas early. We generally start putting the kid’s gifts up in August and are done shopping by the end of September.
Lay-away is our best friend and budget keeper. We have an exact idea of what we will be spending and putting everything on layaway helps us to say in that budget and we never have to run around at the last minute trying to find gifs or the finances for gifts. It keeps us out of debt too, by paying things off on time - in cash- we have no credit card issues to deal with.