Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Picture Home Tour 2009!!!

This home tour has been a looong time coming. I wanted to share some pictures with you all of my home. My husband and I bought this house this year and are adjusting to the place quite well. We love our new neighborhood and are probably the youngest couple here (I'm 24, hubby 29).

Here goes.....

This is the bedroom. My husband and I love different types of browns. We choose a dark brown as the main color since the room walls are white. Maybe one day, we'll paint the walls.

Daughter's Room:
This is our 2 soon to be 3 year old room. Still trying to figure how to decorate and what color to paint the walls; but for now, I think it looks pretty cute and she loves it too!

The Office:
This is our office. When my husband works from home, he is in this room a lot. Since we have 2 computers (2 laptops, 1 desktop) we need a place to store our office related things. My husband actually put this desk together. The bigger desk is his and mine is the smaller one. As you can see, I have a ton of coupons I need to sort and file..LOL
The Bathroom:
This is our bathroom. It is a blueish/greenish color.


Our basement/family room:
This is our place where we hang out. It is usally way more space but we just came home from a vacation and I'm in the process of unpacking. We also plan to get a sofa to sit on, but other than that..thats it. We dont want to clutter the area, especially since we play the WII video game and need to space to run, jump, and fight...LOL

Laundry room/storage area:
Since 95% of our home is liveable, we dont have much space for storage. As a result I try to discard things we dont need and come up with creative ways to store what we want to keep. Here I keep all the food/tolietries I stock up on. I also iron and wash clothes here as well.

This our kitchen. I love this room and its still a work in progress. This is my special project room. I removed ALL the wall paper, primed and painted the walls as well as decorate.

These are my cookbooks. I love them and hoping to add some more good ones to my collection.

Dining Room:
Here's where we eat. We plan on getting a dark walnut dining room set within the next month or so. We also plan to changing the light fixture to a darker, modern style when we get the dining room set. I'll take a pic when we get it.

Living Room:
This is our living room. Other than the green carpet, which is in PERFECT condition, the house was nearly perfect. Besides, green carpet is no reason to NOT buy a house.

I hope you all enjoyed the visit.


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely home. Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy birthday to your baby! 9-11 is my niece's birthday also. :-)

Divamom said...

I love your home and what you said about the green carpet. A lot of people miss the "bones" of the house, worrying about cosmetic things that can easily be changed. You've done a great job, in spite of! lol

Be Blessed!

Robin said...

What a lovely place to live, love and grow your precious family! You are blessed indeed!