Monday, May 18, 2009

Being a Good Steward With Extra...

Since my husband found out that he will be getting promoted and as a result a raise; I have been thinking about what to do with the extra income. Being that I manage our finances each month, I wanted to make sure that whatever we did, GOD would be pleased.

A few things have popped into my head, some of which are:
1. Starting a Retirement Fund (he's 29; so he still has a lot of time before he retires)
2. Of coarse increase out tithing when the raise takes into effect.
3. Increase our Regular Savings & Emergency Fund Accounts. We currently have 4 months of EM fund savings. We want to increase it to 6-8 months.
4. We would like to put money towards our 1st Family Vacation to Disney World, in September 2010 (which will be $2300-$2500)
5. Finally, continue to give to others and use what the Lord gave us to be a help to someone else.

Again, we are so blessed to even be able to plan these types of things. It is so sad to hear/see lose their jobs. So sad.


Love Abounds At Home said...

Sounds like your right now track with what your suppose to do with the extra income. I'm so blessed by your testimony :)

My Life as a MOM... said...

This sounds great for your family! Don't forget that when you plan your Disney trip to get the dining will save you sooo much money!