Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yes...that was how much I had to pay at the dentist today. When I was younger, my mother took us to the dentist once in our whole life! Yes, just one time. So today I had 12..yes 12 cavities and I got a screening to see if I had oral cancer; which I didn't. I was able to get 2 fillings today! The process wasn't nearly as painful as I thought. I guess us ladies can take a lot of pain..I.E. cramps, giving birth, etc.

I also went to my doctor for my annual check-up and he said I was in excellent health! Ladies, we have to make sure we take care of ourselves. Sometimes, we put ourselves last to take care of our families, but if we want to be around for a long time, we have to get our check-ups regularly.

Tomorrow, Is the last day of the giveaway! Feeling lucky?!

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Courtney said...

12 Cavities!! Yikes!
Please make sure that you are going to a 'honest' dentist. I've seen too many dentist that will say you have way more cavities then you actually do to make more $$.