Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Need your input about income...

Recently I was thinking about families and income. Soon I came up with a question so intriguing that I'd post it on my blog to your everyone's input.

Here goes:

Would you take a salary of $100,000 with 2 people working OR a salary of $75,000 with 1 person working???? You have 2 kids (ages 2 and 4), a mortgage of $1,200, and 2 cars.

After some serious, serious thinking I probably would take the 1 person working and $75,000 over 2 people working and $100,000. This is because with 2 people working, you have more bills. With 2 kids ages 2 & 4, there's daycare and maybe even aftercare depending on if you work late a lot, then more wear and tear on both cars, using more gas with maintenance expenses, paying for lunch if you don't take food from home, more eating out because with 2 people working all day, by the time you get home, no one is gonna feel like cooking, when you gotta clean, wash the kids, and put them to bed. That means hardly no family time together as well...and if your not careful, a strain on your marriage.

Now, dont get me wrong..I might choose the $100,000 if we didn't have any kids and it was just us...but that wasn't the question at hand..LOL.

What would you guys choose and why based on the above question?
Looking forward to reading your responses.


Anonymous said...

I would choose one person making 75K, with ME being the one stayinig home..LOL But then again, my husband may not mind staying home and me going to work..LOL As you mentioned in your post. More money, more expenses. T.Champagne

Jenny said...

For sure the one person making $75,000. If I were to go to work it would cost a fortune to put my daughter in a school that I would trust! LOL!

Simple Christian Homemaker said...

definately the 75K. I wouldn't want to miss time spent with the "littles".

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

I second that Jenny! We would want our daughter in a superb daycare!

Becca said...

Child care is not cheap! Especially if you have more than one in it. I would have to need the healthcare or some other benefit not mentioned in your scenario to have both working and only make $25,000 more a year. Then again if one person was making $75,000 a year I would hope that job offered health benefits.

P.S. we have younger kids, but that would be a 40% raise for our family (of course our mortgage is less and we only have 1 car).

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. 1 person making $75K if not for the day care bills alone, but I'm not married and don't have any kids, so no experience there.
Good luck tho!

Well Watered Woman said...

I totally agree with everyone else, I would take the one person making 75K and stay home with my babies. They only get one chldhood and I want to be totally present to see them grow.