Monday, September 21, 2009

What had this Recession taught you?

Since the beginning of 2008, it seems that the economy has taken a downward spiral. No job is safe...and because of that no home, car, savings, etc is safe. Now, we all know GOD is there for us and guiding us but that doesn't means we wont become affected by the state of our economy. In my state alone...they were planning on laying off over 3,000 people, including police officers and fire fighters.

These were jobs I thought would be safe..since someone will always need them. I can't even imagine the thoughts running through their minds and the stress it causes their household. I do have a college degree and if I need to use it to get a job because my husband can't find one, then I will do that to support my family. I will gladly do that. This is something my husband and I talked about. We have been more open, honest, and realistic with our discussions because things are serious in the real world. People are lsoing jobs, homes, cars, marriages, and everything in between and as a result crime in going up.

With that said, I have learned that I should and need to be better prepared financially if something did happen. If my husband lost him job or had a salary would we continue least for a little while. I also have learned to be smarter in purchases I make, not just groceries, but our utilities, car, and misc. payments each month. We also started saving more money, keeping our credit card balance's at $0 or VERY low, and finding inexpensive ways to have fun together. We'll rent a $1 movie, order a $10 pizza and there we have dinner and a movie for $11! This is soo much less than going out to a restaurant and then a movie. That alone would cost us $60!

So my question to you is, what has this economy taught you? Have you starting doing things differently as a result?


Anonymous said...

The econmy has taught me that God is truly the answer and supplier of all of my needs and not to put my trust in material things. Things that I have started doing different is really paying attention to what I buy and how I shop. Really using my coupons(thanks to you) and praying more for guidance in EVERYTHING that we do as a family. T.Champagne

Becca said...

I have learned that I can be happy with pretty much nothing. I have also learned how to repair lots of things that I might have just considered replacing. Who knew how easy it was to replace a fuse in a dvd player? I do now!

L.H. said...

I've learned that less is better and simplicity is valuable!

Divamom said...

I have learned to be grateful for what we have and to thank God more often for our blessings. I'm watching what we buy more and finding inexpensive ways to have fun. When you have a large family, it's not easy, but we can make it with God's help.

Well Watered Woman said...

Having been in the position a few years ago of my husband losing his job - being the sole source of income for our family, losing our home and more - it has taught me that truly God is our source and provider. It has also taught us the importance of being like Joseph, being good stewards over what the Father has provided and blessed us with and to have a store for the lean times.
We have learned to be content in all things and having lived with a lot and living with a little we can now do both. We practice a fragile, simple lifestyle, we refuse to ever live above our means, try to be as debt free as possible and we believe in and practice food storage. You can actually build your food storage for 5 dollars a month and it is good to do. If you hit hard times you will not have to worry about how you will feed your family and if you are in times of plenty you have extra to share with those who are not.
Having an emergancy savings fund is also a good lesson to learn.