Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chest Update

Ok, after a lengthy chat with my doctor last night she said that in her professional opinion I felt fine. She said I could see a breast surgeon to ease my mind.....but I felt fine.

Aunt Flo came to visit me the day after my original GYN appointment and she said that what's usually happens and the fact that im nursing explains it too.

So.... I go to do another breast exam on myself (even though she told me to wait and do the exam within a week AFTER my period) and my boobs feel fine. The "lumps/bumps" are practically gone, except for the small pebble like bumps from being a nursing mother!

I had my husband do an exam on me just to be sure and he said it feels normal and he believes it was my hormones from my impending "Aunt Flo" visit.

He also said that going to an breast surgeon is extreme if there was nothing wrong and I agree.

I will go on my doctor and husband's word and the fact that my boobs feel much better.

Now I wonder if my milk ducts were clogged or something; which I learned causes lumps too.

Knowing and understanding my breast now at 27 years old will help me when I get older.

One thing I can appreciate from this experience is getting to know my body. I have a better understanding of it and also not OVER analyzing things.

Being paranoid and worried all the time is no way for me to live and I need to trust my doctor, husband, GOD and my own body. Making something out of nothing will cause me stress and we all know stress kills!

Thanks everyone for listening.


Jenny said...

I'm glad you feel better about it now!

~Carla~ said...

It's hard sometimes isn't it?! I think you made the right choice... :) ((hugs))

Lena said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better about the whole thing now!