Friday, January 6, 2012

My Love-Hate Relationship with my chest...-Update


Talked with Husband again and 2 nurses too!
I will settle down; relax and not worry.
The doctor who did the exam said that I not only felt fine but there were no masses.
So,I'll wait until I stop nursing and still do my exams and watch my breasts. My DH who did an exam on me too(he was here when I had my 2nd cyst removed) said he felt my milk ducts but nothing close to what I had when we first met. The nurse also told me, I may even have clogged milk ducts. Everyone keeps assuring me that my chances for breast cancer are slim and since I don't exhibit any signs and I get my annual exams, I'm fine. Also, mammograms are difficult to read while nursing so I would'nt get an accurate reading anyway. My Dh has mroe faith in my body than I do sometimes. We prayed and I'm confident GOD can and will heal my mind. I worry too much! Thanks guys for your words and advise.

I tried to put the title as nice and clean as possible.

Since I was 19, me and my breast have had a love-hate relationship.

1 big lump in each, which I had removed at 19 and 21.

They were just cysts; Thank GOD!

Fast forward to now, I go to my annual gyn exam yesterday.

I do Breast Exams often on my self and thought it felt weird that my breast, although no big lumps, felt bumpy/lumpy across the top.

Upon the doctor doing the exam, I expressed my concern and she said that they felt fine to her and I just have "lumpy/bumpy" breasts.

I started to worry and she said that I felt fine and I am young (I'm 27).

She also said that the fact I'm nursing my 1 year old son could play a factor as well.

Although, she said I was fine,I'm scared.

She said she'll see me next year even.

But I then start looking on the internet when I got home, which I dont know is good or bad; and became more than worried that I may have cancer or be pre-cancerous.

My Husband even told me to stop searching stuff online related to health.

I guess I expect my breasts to feel smooth like when I was a teen.

Maybe all breast are different....

I also asked her if it was ok to have one breasts bigger than the other. She said ALL women have one breast bigger than the other and it was normal.

I have some crazy anxiety issues and my husband even said I worry myself to much.

Last year, I went to the doctor so much and had many tell me that I'm fine and even one told me to "settle down".

I'm thinking of just getting a referral for a mammogram and be done.

I dont know, you guys have any advice or words?


Michelle P said...

If you are worried, then I would definitely go to another doctor and get a second opinion.

~Carla~ said...

I think a 2nd opinion would be good... But if that comes back clear, you need to trust in God & have faith in your Dr. :)

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

You have to live in peace, get a second opinion, it can't hurt.

Wish you the best!


Consuelo said...

I too have "lumpy" breasts and have had several non-cancerous lumps removed. If you are worried, ask for a mammogram and an ultra sound. Cancer in a 27 year old is very rare but not unheard of and I'm a believer in trusting your instincts....

Free!~ said...

Get the mammogram. I had a lump on my leg that my doctor insisted was a harmless cyst. They wanted to watch it grow and when it got bigger they finally agreed to take it out. It ended up being cancer and I had to go back in for another surgery so they could get clean margins. I could have had a much less invasive surgery had it been removed before it tripled in size.

I do agree with your husband about googling health issues. Stop. I made myself crazy googling late into the night.

It's probably nothing but it's better to know it's nothing rather that make yourself crazy thinking about what it might or might not be.

Charlotte said...

Mammograms don't give good results for nursing women, the breast is more dense and lumps are hard to recognize. Some docs even tell you to wait about 6 months after having stopped nursing to get a proper mammogram. I have one child that I breastfed for 21 months, my breasts were lumpy all the time and went back to normal in about 4 months after stopping.
If you are worried, a second opinion is a good idea, be careful to explore all your options. An ultrasound might be more precise.

Anonymous said...

I experienced a similiar issue, but come to find out fibrocystic breasts are not uncommon in young women especially of breast feeding mothers... after a Dr Visit back in my twenties ruled out that dreaded issue... I relayed my issues with my mother and she said she had the same problems but when she started taking Vitamin E (alone in the liquid gel form) they all went away... I did that and it did help me.. maybe try that for yourself... anyhoot I found your blog via Candy and thought you had a lovely home I like the colours you used...