Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat-1st Timer

Hey yall,

I've been seeing you guys participate in this for the past few weeks, so I'd thought I'd join in.

Reading: Blog Posts & Forums

Watching: NOTHING! Don't feel like being depressed by the news and awards shows SUCK nowadays.

Listening: To myself chew loudly to this sweet mint gum by Orbit. I try to be polite but its so good. I think it may replace Winterfresh as my favorite!

Baking: Nothing at the moment. Did bake some Talipia for dinner and its my favorite fish! Yumm-O!

Happy I Accomplished This Week: Our Taxes! $2,113 Refund after making almost 6 figures is awesome! Was concerned we would have to pay! Thanking God for Mortgage Interest, property taxes, student loan interest and our 2 kids!

Looking Forward to next week: My DH going to a GI specialist Tuesday. Doctor thinks he may have a sour stomach and acid reflux.....poor hubby!

Thankful for Today: For being alive, our health and blessing and for God's love and mercy. Also for coupons! I love coupons!

Nite Nite All!


Anonymous said...

Mmm love any kind of fish! Hope hubbys appointment goes well

~Carla~ said...

That's a great return!! Yay!! :) Hope hubby gets some relief soon!!