Monday, January 23, 2012

Under the weather again......actually the 3rd time since september

I cannot believe I have a cold again.

My son caught it from someone in church, which now passed onto me and my daughter.

I tell ya, next year, me and the kids will be getting the shot.

.............With that said, I am finishing up dinner.

We are having wild caught salmon, salad and oven roasted potatoes.

I'm really hungry, to say the least and my mouth is super dry.

I'm hoping to rest more so I can get over this cold, but we'll see.

Hoping to watch Alice in Wonderland tonight (Johnny Depp version) and then the Republican debate.

My husband and I find them very entertaining; especially as of late.

Nite All

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Lena said...

Ugh,I know your pain. I babysit two children, and between these two, two of mine and preschool, I feel like we are always sick too! Get better soon!