Thursday, January 26, 2012

Honestly & Easy Ways to get extra $$$$$

I wanted to write up a post about ways I earn extra money for my home.

Although my husband makes a pretty good living, still I have come across some easy ways to earn a little extra.

Earning extra from these resources actually allows us to save money we wouldve spent out of our own checking account.

I know it may sound weird, but there are many survey companies out there that are legitimate. I had one recently call my house. I actually had no idea who the number was from and one night decided to just pick up the phone. After answering some questions, they asked for my address to send me out $10. A few days later, in the mail was $10 cash in a envelope. Since then, I sent another survey back a few days ago and they are sending me $50 in cash, which should arrive today! That's $60 bucks for 30 minutes of my time. Yesterday, I received a post card from them asking me to fill out an online survey and they'll send me $25!

Reward Points
I have written about Amex before. Signing up with Amex is one of the BEST things my DH and I could've done. Amex is safe, secure and we have no limit balance. We also carry $0 balance since we pay off the card each month.

One thing Amex has is a rewards programs attached. You earn points and can redeem those points for Gift Cards. We were nearing 10,000 points; so I cashed 5,000 of those points in for a $50 Season 52 Restaurant Gift Card.

Same thing with Best Buy. Every time we purchases something we earn points. We now have enough to get a $40 Gift Certificate!

Writing Companies
One thing I've learned is that if I have a problem; its ok to make a little noise about it.

I bought bad meat once from a local supermarket. And although they refunded my money and let me pick out another meat for free; I wrote the supermarket headquarters and explain the situation and they sent me a $20 Gift card too.

Same with Hefty. I bought some kiddie cups for my kids and some of the cups had slits in the bottom; leaking the juice everywhere. I wrote them and they sent me a free product coupon.

The same happened with Huggies, 2 free coupons for diapers and a bunch of other coupons as well.

Reduce Bills
I have learned that either reduce our bills or finding special promotions as a way to get "extra" money because we dont have to pay it.

We signed up for a promotion with our cable provider for internet, phone and cable and are paying less than what we used too for these 3 services and the current services we have now are better. Just picking up the phone and asking them is all that it took.

What ways do you know of to earn extra $$$$???


Lena said...

I used to do surveys a lot but with some of the companies you spend tons of time to go through the initial part of the survey, and then you don't qualify! So I only do surveys with Pinecone research. I do LOVE swagbucks and My points for some extra side hustle. if I shop online, I always try to go through sites that provide cash back. We bought a TV last year from Hubby's graduation gift- got a price of Black Friday two days before Black Friday, and saved $30 with cash back through shopathome!! Love it! It basically paid our taxes. And we actually got the same TV that was offered in a store but with a better sound system.

Out My window said...

Learn to sew, you can make a small fortune! Even if you only mend and hem pants. Buy a machine and learn, practice on clothe for your self. Make pillows, Pj's for the kids. It is a skill few have and is very much needed.