Monday, February 2, 2009

Bi-weekly shopping trip

Weekly Shopping Trip

Budget for Shoprite: $60.00
Budget for Acme :$15.00
Budget for Produce Junction:$15.00

Total Budget for Bi-Weekly Shopping Trip: $90.00 (That's $45 a week)

Let see how I did:

Note: I believe I left my receipt in the shopping cart at the market, so I only remember what I paid out of pocket and what the total was before coupons/savings.

I was only able to make it to 1 store this morning-Shoprite; I plan on going to Acme and Produce Junction later today (daughter is napping).

Here's what I bought:

Box of Life Cereal
Box of Capt'n crunch
Box of Capt'n crunch berries
Orange juice
No yolks egg noddles
Tri-colored bag of pasta
3 Langers juices
Fanta orange soda
Brown/spicy mustard
Wise potato chips
Bag of cheese balls
2 Arm and hammer deodorants
lady speed stick deodorant
kids toothpaste for Issy
10 books for Issy( on clearance for $0.10 a piece)
12 pack of toilet paper
2 glade air fresheners
2 boxes of fruit snacks
6 boxes of raisins
3 gallons of water
Clorox bleach
Eggo waffles ( I plan on buying a waffle machine)
Box of pancake mix
Mrs. Smith Sweet Potato Pie ( This gets gone in 1 day; we all love it)
Yo plait yogurt
1/2 turkey breast
1/4 Munster cheese
2 cans of crushed tomatoes
box of dishwasher tabs
1 McCormick seasoning
1 box of Couscous
1 box of Rice a roni
Box of butter ( 4 1/4 sticks)

See bottom for Pictures/Totals

Total BEFORE Coupons/Savings: $66.90 add books and total $86.90

Total Paid out of pocket: $45.50 (including 10 books for Issy)

Saved $41.40!!

I'll post my trip from Acme/Produce Junction later today.

Have a wonderful day!


Ms. MoneyChat said...

oh my, do we have a professional shopper here? ;-).

congrats on the new house!

Sheena said...

LOL...Just trying to save a little money. Thanks; we are very excited about our new home.