Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Recession!! What Recession??

My hubby, bro-in law, daughter, and I went to Delaware last Saturday to purchase a t.v. for our new home.

Note: my hubby always wanted a nice, big t.v. and since we budgeted for it, we figured this was a great time to buy.

.....................we go to Circuit City first and the parking lot was so full; I mean full! There was not one parking space available. We had to drive around a few times before there was a space and there were other cars coming in the parking lot every second. When we got in the store, there were people everywhere in the store; buying moves, cameras, video games, and don't even mention televisions. It seemed like everyone was buying one and not small or medium sized ones either. These were 50in and up; so we're talking $1500 and higher. The lines were long, kids crying, people carrying lots of cash, yes carrying around cash, and hardly any carts left. We looked at several televisions they had left in the store. We didn't find a television and since we refuse to settle, we went over to the Best Buy.

They had a bigger parking lot and it too was full. We had to drive around in circles before a space was free. They too had people everywhere in the stores with computers, cameras, t.v.'s, video games, and printers, etc in their carts. They had long lines and only 2 lanes open (doesn't that just bother you). So I turned and asked my husband, "how in the world are we in a recession with everyone buying up all this stuff. I thought people were cutting back?". I guess I was wrong on that one.

So, when we found a t.v. we wanted to purchase, guess what?! They were sold out completely. So we looked around and found another t.v. and they were sold out of that one also. So we looked again and found another one and go ahead and guess.....they were sold out! I was thinking " how in the world a place that specializes in electronics are sold out of all three types of t.v.'s?" We asked the associate about it and he said everyone came and bought them up.

So we left there empty handed as well. That's the beauty of having a budget...we can go somewhere else and take our time finding what we want. We WILL NOT buy something just to be able to walk out the store with a bag or something in our cart; but I had hoped we would find a t.v. for my hubby

O.K., so I figured either the media is feeding us untruthful information or people aren't saving and using their money for these items or using their credit cards.

I wonder which one is it? I think it's the latter of the above statement.

Which one do you think it is?

Quick savings goal update:

We have 4 months of our monthly expenses saved! Woo Hoo!!! Now we are working on 5 months! It can be done, even on our 1 income; yes, 1 income.


Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

Great blog! I also found you through Ring around the blogs

Jenny said...

I totally agree with you! Maybe it's just certain areas that are having a problem, but here, the malls are packed. We went to Build A Bear on Valentine's day and the line was out the door! You know each bear is at least $20! The lady at the counter said it's the busiest it's been in the 2 years she's worked there.

I think it's the media. They are always trying to spin things the way they want. It's really annoying and I'm sick of it.