Thursday, February 5, 2009

Deals & Updates!

When I checked my blog this morning, I realized that I failed to put up a post yesterday. I was out of the house most of the day; running errands, going to Bath and Body Works, Circuit City, Target, Macy's and BJ's. Even though I did all that when I was done, I went straight to our new house to remove some more wallpaper.

While I was out, I took note of the sales that were happening in the stores. As a side note: I have been going out to stores more often lately and that's because we have to buy things for our new home and of coarse we have a budget set for that.

Bath and Body Works: They had some 75% off deals that looked interesting but I didn't get any of that. They did have a Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume that I thought of getting because my husband got me a huge gift set for Christmas. The perfume was $24.99 but discounted 75% off would have been $6.24! I did have a coupon that said if I bought something that totaled $10, I could get a free item worth up to $12! So I bought a Sea Island Cotton scent gift set that was only $10 and I got a Sea Island Cotton bubble bath for free!

Circuit City: I went in again to see if they further discounted their items and it seems they did, but not too much. They did have the WII remote for $22, regular price would have been $30.( we need an extra remote) but I left the store empty handed, unlike other people in the store ( I'm glad I can say no to myself).

Target: I LOVE target, I really do. Unlike Walmart, they are very helpful, the aisleS are orderly, bathrooms are cleaner, the bright red colors everywhere makes me feel cherry, and they have better quality items. They are however MORE expensive than Walmart, but I like the customer service. I did pick up a Shovel ( which was $17!), garden gloves ( our new home has one!), trash bags, and some other things. Sales at Target aren't as grand as other places but they do have some GREAT clearance deals when you can find them. I also saw some size 2 huggies that had like 150 diapers on clearance for $14.68 and I had a $1.50 off coupon so I could have gotten them for $13.18; regular price was $30.00!! That over 50% off! It was hard for me NOT to get them, but I didn't know of any children in my family who currently are in size 2 diapers.

Macy's: I absolutely LOVE this store. They have high-end, quality items that are affordable. I had a 10% off coupon; I got a stainless steel pots/pans set that was $100, but after discounts I got it for $40! That's $60 off!! One lady who bought the same set was a Macy's credit card customer and she got the same set for $15. Man, sometimes, I want to be a Macy's credit card customer (because off all the extra discounts), but then I think of the bill and I change my mind. I also got Issy a cute red coat/jacket that was $75.00; of coarse I didn't pay that crazy price. However it was on clearance for $30 but then because I had red on yesterday, the cashier gave me an extra 20% off, so I paid $16 for a coat that was $75; even my husband was shocked!

BJs: This is a place like Costco/Sam's Club. You can buy items in bulk from here. I totally recommend places like this if you use more of a certain item. We bought diapers, wipes, cereal, bacon, lotion, body wash, etc. You pay a membership fee but they give you coupons and you can use coupons out the newspaper and internet!

After I did all that, I went over to our home and started taking off more wallpaper, gathering trash, etc. Boy was I tired when I got home a little after 7pm and all this with a 2 year old.

Have a great day!

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