Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Husband is the Best!!

I just had to interrupt this financial series to tell you how wonderful my husband is. He came home early yesterday from work around 4:00pm with 2 dozen pink roses, a big bag of pistachios (my favorite), gave me a huge hug and kiss, and told me he was going to take me out to dinner; that night!
So of coarse I put the flowers in some water, gave some nuts to our daughter, got dress, and we were on our way. I order the crab cake, broiled Tilapia, with broccoli and rice...YUMMY!

I also got some nice "smell goods" and a candle with a container for it from Bath and Body smells so good! It's the Dancing Waters scent..I believe it's new.

It was a wonderful night! I love when he does these surprises!! I'm so lucky to have him and that he's mine! All mine!!



Jen said...

Great blog-loved your previous posts about saving for the emergency fund, etc!! Thanks for visiting my site from "Ring around the blogs"! I'll have to check back more often!

Sheena said...

Thanks Jen...

Hope you "see" you soon. Thanks for your kind words!