Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm still here.....

Although, we've been VERY busy. We move in THIS Friday, and trying to get prepared for that. My husband is taking off work Friday and Monday to give us enough time to unpack and get settled in our new home.

The wallpaper is off in the kitchen, living room, and dining rooms. The living/dining room is being primed tonight. Thank GOD for family!

We still have wallpaper in the foyer and wall going up stairs and hall on second floor but we are seriously moving towards hiring a company for that. I never realized how much work is into wallpaper; I just thought you just take it off; I guess it wasn't that easy, huh?!

I set up the bathroom at the new house; it's a light blue with different earth tones like browns, greens, tans, etc. I have to take some pics and show you guys.

We'll gotta go, it's after 10pm and hubby and family is still over at the other house priming the walls. Gotta get Issy ready for bed. Me and Issy just got in ourselves.

Nite, Nite!

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Ms. MoneyChat said...

wow, you all made some serious progress with the wallpaper. i know you're excited about moving this week.