Friday, February 6, 2009

Macy's is doing it again & Wallpaper Progress!!!!

If you go to Macy's today and wear the color red, you'll get 20% off your purchase (exceptions apply). If you are a Macy's charge customer, you'll get even more off. I probably will be going there today! Since I still have to get some things for our new home, I might as well get a discount while I'm at it.

BTW: My husband was loving the pots/pans I got 2 days ago. When I told him they were $100, he said that was a good price; when I told him I paid $40 out of my pocket, he was shocked and amazed.

P.S. We are making great progress with the wallpaper. Thanks for all the ideas/suggestions you all gave us. We tried the hot water and tide detergent and it worked! Even my husband was shocked at how well it worked and we didn't even need to buy that expensive wallpaper remover they sell at Lowes/Home Depot. As for getting the excess glue off, I saw an online suggestion; one man said he used duck tape and it worked GREAT , so I'm going to try that. We also have some family memebers coming over to help us; we have a great family!

In addition, we had a wallpaper company come and give us an estimate to see how much would it cost if they removed the paper. You wont believe the price they gave us; to remove the top wallpaper in our dining room (we have a chair rail), 1 wall in the living room, our foyer (which isn't big), the wall going upstairs, and the hallway upstairs (which is small, not big at all); guess how much: $800!!!! Yes, $800 big ones. $800 dollar bills! Of coarse we said no way! They must be crazy!! LOL.....That's food shopping for 4 months!!! NO way, Jose!!

I'll keep you all updated.

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