Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Note: I decided to put up a new post since I had tidy up the house, did one load of laundry, folded clothes, fed daughter, prayed and read the bible, and ate breakfast myself and it's only 9:21am!

Boy, what a past couple days; preparing to move, moving, getting unpacked, bringing misc items to new home, going shopping for new items for new home and all the while trying to keep life normal for hubby and our daughter.

Even with all that, I still can't complain. The Lord had his hand on this process the whole time! This was the easiest move I ever experienced and hubby agreed it was pretty good.

Here's how our last couple days went:


We finished up the painting and cleaning at the new home. I got home around 8:30pm, hubby and family member stayed until about 1am (yep, we have a great family).


Hubby off from work! I woke up about 6am and started to get boxes, bags, and other items ready for the movers. I was severely behind schedule and ask hubby to help me, which he did without complaint. Movers came around 8:30am and got started. I remembered when I called to make the appointment, the guy told me that the move would take 6-8 hours to complete. So if you do the math $100 an hour would equal $600-$800 plus $100 travel charge.

Now I know some of you may say this sounds like a lot of money and it is! However myself and my hubby made it an requirement that we get movers; especially for my husband. He has moved many people over the years and every time he comes home all broken up, has the stay in bed and heal, and still has to go to work. We budgeted for movers and decided that it was worth the costs to keep hubby in good shape. We knew it wouldn't take 6-8 hours to move our things but maybe 3 or 4 hours; so we set aside $500 max. The costs of the movers included 3 guys, a truck, equipment, insurance, and a peace of mind.

I have to say that our experience was really good! When they first came, these guys were clearly mid to late 40s and I ask hubby, would they be a little slow because I was expecting younger guys. That was a lesson in it's self for me. Never judge outward appearances. Never judge at all! These guys were fantastic. They were moving dressers and beds like it was nothing. They had the whole house (furniture/bags/boxes) in the truck in 1hr! Yep, these guys were good. My hubby and I were looking at each other in amazement.

When we got to the new house, they unpacked the truck and took each item to the rooms we wanted. They even set up the bed frame, put the bed on it, had the drawers in the dresser and night stand, put the t.v. on the stand and everything. The only thing we had to do was make the bed and put our clothes on the drawer!

They finished the entire move in 2 hours! Yes, 2 hours and the move was done! So instead of $500 it was $300 (included $100 travel fee). We were so impressed we gave them each a $30 tip! And even with the tip the budget came to $390 instead of $500! It was the best $390 we spent; I mean we were done the move in 2 hours!


Our battery died in one of the cars. Hubby planned on taking it Sunday to get it replaced. Also, We went to Delaware with my bro-in law to search for a t.v.. Since we are 20 minutes from Delaware and they have NO sales tax, we thought we'd go there to find a good deal. We were un successful though, they ran out of the televisions. Yes, Best Buy ran our of 3 different Samsung T.V.s.


Hubby got the battery replaced and I went to the market to go food shopping, since we needed food badly. We also unpacked more of our stuff and some of our family came by to visit.


Hubby was off today as well. We unpacked more stuff and went out to some stores to get some items for our home. We were out for hours and before we came home, we stopped at the old house to get some more stuff to bring here. We capped off the family time by playing Guitar Hero on the WII. I did poorly, LOL....Hubby did GREAT!

So there you have it; we were tired, happy, excited, and frustrated; but we are VERY grateful to GOD for his many blessings.

Have a Great Day!!

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