Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hope To Score Some GREAT Deals Today!!

I plan to go to Kmart & BJ's this morning to take advantage of some great sales. Kmart has the double coupon deal going on and I spent a lot of time last night, almost until 11:30pm, gathering and sorting my coupons. Since I am taking my 2 year old daughter, I must have a plan as I go into the stores. I'm so hoping that everything isn't sold out, but having worked in retail before, I know that they re-stock the shelves overnight for the following day; and because of tht, I'm going to leave out in a couple minutes.

I'll let you know what I find and what deals I was able to find.

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Jenny said...

I got some great deals at Kmart this week. Good luck! I did notice that a lot of things were picked over. My sister needed diapers and they were totally out. The cashier actually admitted to putting 6 packs behind the counter for her to buy later! That was kind of annoying.

I hope you get some great stuff!