Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Weekend

We had some beautiful weather this past Friday and Saturday. Highs in the mid to the upper 70s. It felt just right; not too hot & not too cold. I wanted to take advantage of this nice weather by completing some work out the outside of our new home and spend some time as a family out doors.

I took our daughter to the playground both days so she can run, ply, yell, and get some exercise. She played her little heart out. I swung on the swing, and boy, did it bring back some good memories. In fact, that was the very reason I went to the playground as a kid; the swing! Even my hubby got on!

We also went out Friday evening to Home Depot to pick up a lawn mower. Our grass was growing like no body's business, and needed to be cut badly. Our budget was $200, including tax. I was hoping we could get what we need in that price range, and we did! The total came to $140 and change including tax (I had a coupon, of coarse!). It was easy to put together as well.

We also heard some strange sounds with our car, especially when the gear is in reverse and we back up. I was hoping that it wouldn't be expensive, since we had an older car, but it wasn't. My husband took it to the machine first thing Saturday morning and they drove the car. Once they got back to the shop, they lifted the car up and the mechanic saw the the front bumper had been hanging off..underneath..where you can't see. And every time we backed up, it hit against the tire causing the noise we heard. He took 4 screws, tightened it back on and solved our problem. A $22.00 job! Praise GOD! We all know how much cars can eat into any body's budget and can have some VERY, VERY costly repairs. But, I thank GOD that he made a big situation into something small and inexpensive!

Saturday, we also went to the playground, out to lunch at Chick Fil-A (Great Food, Very Pricey), visited the mall, got some ice cream, and came home to play the Wii. It was a nice ending to a wonderful day!

Well, I'm gonna get ready to get off of here....I'm hungry and ready to eat dinner. We are having Long Grain rice, string beans, chicken, and Sweet Potato Pie for dessert! Yum!

Enjoy your day!

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Jenny said...

How fun! I also love the swings and so does Abby.

Chick-Fil-A is yummy! To save money, I buy a 4 pk. Nugget and a side salad. I put the chicken on the salad and use their special sauce for dressing. Delicious! Abby gets a kids meal.