Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Vacation Plans/Budget

My husband and I are in the mist of planning our vacation this August 2009. Every year, our entire family goes away down south and spends a week together. We created an ING account a few months ago to start saving each month for our trip. We wanted to do it this way to avoid having to come up with a ton of money all at once; we also pay our car insurance policy in full every six months (August/February)…and we have an ING account for that as well.

Since we have a little over 3 months left until the trip…I wanted to create and put together a budget and check our Vacation account to see what the balance was. Once I did that, I looked over the budget below to see what was already paid/saved for and what we still need to save for.

Note: The Car rental price is based on the reservation I made with the car company. We put the rental on our credit card but pay it in full with the money we saved when we return from our trip.

Here is the breakdown of our Vacation Budget:

Vacation Budget 6 Days/5 Nights
3 People North Carolina

Expenses Amount

Rental Car $300.00
Housing $100.00
Gas $100.00
Misc. Items (bathing suit for issy, swim shoes, etc.) $100.00
Tolls (both ways) $20.00
Food (for car) $20.00
Snacks (for cabin) $25.00
Spending Money ($50 for dad/mom & $25 for issy) $125.00

Total Vacation Expenses = $790.00

Expenses Already Paid/Saved:

-Housing- $100.00-Paid
-Rental Car-$300.00-Saved

Expenses Left To Pay/Save:

-Spending Money

Total = $390.00 still to save…Still have 3 months, 2 weeks, 3 days remaining…..


Anonymous said...

What a great idea to save money for the trip. Looks like your over halfway there!

Jenny said...

We put aside some of our tax return to cover our vacation in September. It's so nice to not have to worry about how we will pay for it once September rolls around.

Good luck, it looks like you are doing well!

My Life as a MOM... said...

So you are coming to NC! I love living here. I hope ya'll have a great vacation!