Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on Shopping Outing Yesterday & Today's to-do list

Yesterday, I ventured out to Marshalls, Target, and the Post Office. I wanted to go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond..but didn't since I left my coupon home by accident.

I came out with some really good deals. I'll post a more detailed version later.

Today, I need to wash some clothes, work on our budget/savings accounts, plan a menu and my grocery store list/match coupons, pay bills, take hubby's suit to dry cleaners, go to bank, and some other things.

Also, mess around with some make-up..experimenting with different shades of colors and the like. Also conditioning my hair. It's VERY important to me to look good for for myself, but more importantly for my husband. Besides, I love when he can't stop looking/touching me...and not wishing his wife kept up herself.

The weather cold, rainy, grey, and wet and it's a Wednesday. The day is moving very slowly.

But........can't complain..the LORD is is good anyway! I'm Thankful.

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